Klug Law Office PLLC Reports on Recent & Upcoming International Tax Law Changes

Businesses need to be aware of these changes in order to plan for the future, Chris Klug announces

Much uncertainty remains regarding the future. Corporate inversions continue to concern many Americans, as the number of companies moving their headquarters to a foreign country has skyrocketed in recent years, as reported by the Congressional Research Service. Germany has threatened World Trade Organization action with regards to the Border Adjustment Tax proposed by President Trump, and these are only two recent developments that have many business owners and investors worried. Any person concerned about international tax laws and how they may be impacted should speak to an international tax attorney today.

"A number of questions have arisen as a result of statements made by President Trump and reaction to these statements by foreign leaders. Although no person can truly know what will happen in the future, understanding the possibilities can go a long way to easing one's mind. Business decisions are easier to make when a person has all of the information, thus we work with clients to determine how potential actions may have an impact on their organization or their family," Christopher Klug, founder of Klug Law Office PLLC, announces.

Individuals involved in global commerce often find they need information regarding laws in other countries. One client may wish to know more about how the expansion of Canada's back-to-back rules will impact them, and another might need information on tax law changes in Korea this year. All could have an effect on their organization, thus they need accurate information regarding these laws and in a timely manner.

"I founded the firm to assist clients with matters regarding international and domestic taxation, tax controversy issues, corporate and business planning and cross-border transactions. In addition, I assist with matters involving domestic and international estate planning and trust administration. Prior to founding the firm, where I remain the principal attorney, I worked at boutique firms that focused on international and domestic tax along with business and estate planning," Klug continues.

One concern of many businesses involves the corporate tax rate in America. Although it dropped to 38.90 percent in 2016, a record low, President Trump has stated he would like to see this figure come down even more. Business owners appear to support this change, as it will benefit them in numerous ways. However, there may be a fight in Congress before this statement becomes a reality.

"Businesses might find it hard to plan for the future, thanks to the uncertainty regarding corporate tax rates. With the help of a business tax attorney, companies find they can learn more about proposed changes to domestic and international law, along with changes that have already gone into effect. Contact our office today, and we'll be happy to discuss any concerns you have and help you plan for the future," Klug declares.

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