Kiwi Searches Help with Accessing Public Records, Online Background Check Services

Kiwi Searches offer services that are designed to help people with searching public records and accessing personal data, financial and criminal records of someone they know or about to have relationship with.

The services offered by include people search, reverse phone number lookup, reverse address lookup, criminal records search, marriage records, licenses and more. Kiwi Searches is designed to help individuals and organizations verify the authenticity of unknown phone numbers, address or name just by entering it online.

There may be times when people would want to have a second look at the callers or to have a background check over someone they are about to establish a relationship with – whatever the reasons may be, Kiwi Searches enables users to access public records in order to learn about any phone number, address or person.

“Be it the reverse phone number lookup service or address lookup or criminal records search, the website provides detailed information about the history of a number / name / address you’re looking up. With our service, people would never be victims of scams and trickery over the phone”, says a spokesperson for

The website’s online background check service also provides access to financial records, bankruptcy check, liens and judgments thus helping users to know the entire financial history of someone they search for.

“We aim in providing people the ability to access quick and reliable information from the public records which otherwise is inaccessible or expensive to access. Our website is simple and easy to navigate so that anyone can easily run a search and understand the report”, the spokesperson added.

About Kiwi Searches:
Kiwi Searches is an online background check service that helps people to learn all about someone just by entering a name, phone number or address. The website is an easy-to-use directory with up-to-date information about people, phone numbers and locations. For more details, visit

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