Kirkland Movers Company On the Go Moving & Storage Expands Service Area For Moving & Storage Needs

Services expand to serve Seattle’s eastern suburbs in Kirkland

On the Go Moving and Storage is pleased to announce the expansion of their services to the Kirkland area. The Kirkland area is an eastern suburb of Seattle and home to plenty of businesses, residents, and a beautiful waterfront. In the last decade, the population has nearly doubled due to growths in large companies that continuously grow such as Amazon, eBay, and Dropbox. Seattle itself is the nation’s fastest growing city according to the latest census data.

Residential movers can be called for big or small jobs. Looking to change locations? After you sign your new lease, give Kirkland a call to help pack up your apartment and grab an extra set of hands. Your household is in safe hands with an experienced team who knows all the ins and outs of moving simple boxes, to pieces of furniture up and down stairs, or around doorways.

Businesses either small, medium, or large can benefit from professional movers as well. A switch to a new location can be exciting for employees, but a nightmare in logistics for those in charge of the move. No one wants their operations disrupted, and the best chance at getting off to a good start is to move office pieces professionally. Ensuring that a business can be up and running as smoothly as possible just needs the right expertise and team. On the Go Moving and Storage is now able to serve any Kirkland businesses today, and having moved many successful companies to new locations. The company is available on weekends to maximize downtime.

Sometimes there are gaps between leases or move in dates. Perhaps specific sets of furniture or large items don’t have the right place in current setups. This is where a good storage option comes in handy. Rent a space to house items in a climate controlled warehouse based out of Redmond. Rental space goes by the month, and things are guaranteed protection under climate control. This means textiles, photographs, furniture, and other sentimental or functional items will stay free from mold and harmful fluctuations that will potentially damage items.

Because of all the opportunity and booming business, plenty of people require moving services across Seattle. Based out of four locations, On the Go Moving and Storage has been expanding to help more people safety ensure their belongings move to their new homes. Moving, storage, and packing services are available for residential and business customers alike. Whether people are looking to move to a different living space, office location, or in need of storage, On the Go Moving and Storage is on your side.

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