KickFire Classics’ Summer Kick-Off Continues with the Shuttlecock Paddle Board Game

Heat up summer with KickFire’s take on a traditional Japanese game.

A variation of the traditional Japanese game known as Hanetsuki, the KickFire Classics Shuttlecock Paddle Board Game® challenges players to keep a shuttlecock (or ‘birdie’) aloft as long as possible – or face the consequences!

Designed with durable yet lightweight wooden paddles, players simply hit the shuttlecock back and forth as if playing badminton without the net.

“But don’t let the simplicity of the game deceive you,” Cory Keate, CMO of KickFire Classics explains. “There’s something truly mesmerizing and addicting about the game. Whether it’s the rhythmic ‘ping’ of the shuttlecock on the paddle or the way the birdie tornado-spins through the air, it’s equal parts soothing and competitive.”

KickFire Classics makes sure to keep the game as riveting as possible. The game includes a pamphlet that instructs players to choose their own penalties for missing, use one of the included suggested penalties, or follow the Japanese tradition and mark your opponent's face with India Ink. However you choose to play, KickFire Classics warns that simply declaring “Oops! I missed!” ain’t gonna cut it!

The game includes two lightweight wooden paddles and two shuttlecock birdies. A small booklet explains the basic rules and penalties, but the real fun comes when upping the ante. While it is traditional to mark the loser’s face with India Ink, why not use temporary tattoos? If it’s hot outside, then the loser buys ice cream. Inside? The loser must clean the stove’s grease trap (or confess to the elbow-sized hole in the wall. Hint: masking tape and quick-drying, white correction fluid will not pass close inspection.)

Building on the idea that the the Shuttlecock Paddle Board Game® is more than a game, KickFire Classics also presents the game as the perfect way to resolve conflicts and dissolve disagreements – outdoors and indoors (check with an adult, and mind the light fixtures and lamps!).

“During one especially intense business meeting, we were at an impasse,” Keate tells. “Rather than spend time negotiating the deal, we resolved the issue by playing KickFire Classics’ Shuttlecock Paddle Board game. The table can be repaired and chairs re-upholstered, but what really matters is that I won with a backhanded return that just missed the ficus. Game won. Issue resolved.”

“As always,” Keate encourages, “play responsibly.”

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