KickFire Classics Releases New Video Heralding Their New Banded Bandit Six Shooter As The Best Rubber Band Gun

The Banded Bandit Six Shooter is not only being touted as the “Best Rubber Band Gun” it also comes with a video tutorial on how to be the best rubber band gun shooter

KickFire Classics has released a new video that proclaims that the Banded Bandit Six Shooter is the very best, rapid fire, rubber band gun. Their new video provides instruction on how to get the best accuracy and how to keep shooting safe.

The Banded Bandit Six Shooter set comes complete with six rounds of ammo (four-inch unstretched, red rubber bands), five wild west figurine targets, and packaging that doubles as a handy gun keeper’s kit. The Banded Bandit makes a perfect gift for children ages 5+.

When asked about the Banded Bandit Six Shooter, KickFire Classics COO, Tyler Seamons, explained, “We wanted to create the best rubber band gun for kids. Having managed toy stores in my past life, I knew the popularity of rubber band guns, and the common frustrations of most consumers with these type of toys. Hence, our top priorities were to create a solid, lightweight gun that could shoot reliably and with accuracy. We also wanted to create a wild west kit that any cowboy or cowgirl could open right up and start active play.”

The Banded Bandit Six Shooter requires no assembly and comes with a free online video tutorial featuring the Banded Bandit as he teaches children how to aim with accuracy, shoot in semi-automatic, rapid fire succession, and play it safe so as to keep the sheriff of their home from confiscating their newly acquired wooden pistol. An online video tutorial can be watched here.

Cory Keate, KickFire Classics CMO, and the Banded Bandit himself, confesses, “This product was one of my favorites to create. I enjoyed pulling out the wild west drawl and kicking around in my chaps and cowboy hat as I showed off my sharp-shootin’ skills. Oh, and all you ‘lil Banded Bandit kiddos, don’t forget to get ‘yerself some Bandit Bands replacement ammo. You certainly don’t wanna run out of bands when you need ‘em most.”

The Banded Bandit Six Shooter and Banded Bandit Bands can be purchased on the KickFire Classics website or in the KickFire Classics Amazon Store, where you’ll also find other classic toys such as the KickFire Diabolos® Chinese Yo-Yo, and the KickFire Kadavu® Delta Kite for kids.

About KickFire Classics:

KickFire Classics is a toy manufacturing company in Kaysville, Utah committed to creating high-quality toys for kids that provide a break from technology and challenge children to get outside and play. Some of our most popular toys include the KickFire Kadavu Kite with Luke Kitewalker, the KickFire Diabolo Chinese yoyo with Ty the Diabolo Guy, and the Banded Bandit rubber band gun featuring Cowboy Cory. If you are looking for great gifts for your children or grandkids, check out our full line of KickFire Classics toys at

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