KickFire Classics Launches Two New Classic Toys, the BlueRecluse and the RedWidow Non-Responsive YoYos

Utah-based Kickfire Classics releases new unresponsive yoyos designed for both competitive and casual play.

KickFire Classics, a toy manufacturing company committed to creating fun, quality toys that encourage children to unplug from technology & engage in active play, released two new professional trick yoyos called the BlueRecluse and RedWidow Non-Responsive YoYo. Both yoyos have precision ball bearings and an unresponsive design, specifically for longer spins and better tricks. The BlueRecluse and RedWidow also come with two extra strings for fast replacement.

When asked about the KickFire YoYos, Tyler Seamons, COO of KickFire Classics, said, “One of the products we are most proud of is our KickFire Classics RedWidow Non-Responsive Ball Bearing YoYo. Our yoyo is not only a classic toy, but it is an opportunity for you to awaken your inner child – to let loose, have some fun, and maybe even push yourself to learn something new!”

In hopes of helping customers get the most out of their purchase, KickFire Classics has created free instructional videos to accompany their Yoyos titled, “Rick’s YoYo Tricks”. In the video series, Rick demonstrates several yoyo tricks for anyone wanting to learn. Some of the tricks include “The Sleeper,” “Rock the Baby,” “The Trapeze,” and “The Atom Bomb.” To check out some of Rick’s beginner yoyo tricks, check out this video here.

When asked about the video series which feature the KickFire BlueRecluse, KickFire Classics CEO, Janelle Page Misbach, replied, "We really love creating the instructional videos for our fans. I mean our whole goal at KickFire Classics is to create first, high quality toys, and, second, to provide the educational and instructional resources for our consumers to master them. It's a whole lot of fun!"

The KickFire Classics YouTube channel has many other videos which feature their other classic toys including the KickFire HotSacks hacky sack, the KickFire kites, the KickFire Diabolos Chinese yoyo, and the Banded Bandit rubber band gun featuring the Banded Bandit.

The KickFire Classics YoYos are also available for purchase on Amazon in the KickFire Classics Store.

About KickFire Classics:

KickFire Classics is a toy manufacturing company in Farmington, Utah, committed to creating high-quality toys for kids that provide a break from technology and challenge children to get outside and play. Some of our most popular toys include the KickFire HotSacks, SuperSacks, and StarSacks with Scott the hacky sack specialist, the KickFire Kadavu, Flying Tiger, and Soaring Sailfish Kites with Luke Kitewalker, the KickFire Diabolos Chinese yoyo with Ty the Diabolo Guy, the Kickfire Hydras with Phil the Juggling Master, and the Banded Bandit Six Shooter Rubber Band Gun featuring the Banded Bandit. If you are looking for great gifts for your children or grandkids, check out our full line of KickFire Classics toys at

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