Kick-Fire Marketing on the Same Wavelength as Facebook-Nielsen Study

Janelle Page, CEO of KickFire, recognizes importance of new study on video marketing trends.

“Why use video?” Janelle Page, CEO of KickFire asks rhetorically.  “Because we know it works.”  Page notes a new Facebook-Nielsen study, posted by Facebook on 17 March 2015, which explains that even a brief view of a video--less than one second--can "lift" a brand.

“Even going back to 2009, Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research showed that the value of one minute of video is approximately 1.8 million words,” Page cites.  “However, this new study confirms just how quickly video influences and engages viewers.”

The Facebook-Nielsen report states, "Results show that from the moment a video ad was viewed (even before one second), lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration. That means even people who never watched the video, but did see the impression, were still impacted by the ad. And, as expected, lift increased the longer people watch the ad."

Although most of the marketing world recognized the value of video marketing, the Forrester report quantitatively confirmed impact: 1 minute = 1.8 million words.  The new Facebook-Nielsen study adds dimension to video’s effectiveness by highlighting video’s ability to acquire attention, embed in the viewer’s memory, and frame potential behavior.

A video has less than one second to engage the viewer, and if they stick around, the report finds that watching the video for approximately 3 seconds produces stronger results.

“90% of Internet searchers will click on a search result including video over text,” Page adds.  “So, what good is a video if it’s impossible to find?  What good is a video if no one wants to watch it?”

“This also proves,” Page continues, “that your video has less than one second to make an impression--to engage and immerse the viewer.”  Additionally, prospects are more likely to click on a video link first, and then click on a website after; this allows prospective clients and consumers to check out a business--to make a passive commitment--to actually look at the business.

There’s much more to online video than laughing babies and grumpy cats.  Video marketing is the fastest growing online format for promoting products and services. It takes hard work and finesse to create a powerful video marketing strategy that attracts, engages, nurtures, and educates new clients and customers.

Page concludes, “Remember, a good video is like meeting someone for the first time--a good first impression engages momentarily and may be memorable, but a quality message maintains engagement longer and builds a deeper relationship.”

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