KHAOS Control Publishes New Information Concerning Inventory Control Benefits

Many companies fail to realize inventory may be used as a hedge against inflation and price increases among other things, reports

Inventory control remains of great importance to businesses, as a business must have sufficient goods to meet the needs of its clients. What many fail to realize, however, is inventory control is also of importance as the goods may be used as a hedge against inflation and future price increases. In addition, companies often find they receive a discount when they purchase in bulk, and many businesses choose to buy in this manner to save money. The key lies in finding the right balance between just enough inventory and too much or too little.

"KHAOS Control ( offers a multi channel software solution designed to help companies find this balance. The program immediately updates when a sale or purchase is made, recording all inventory changes to ensure products are available when needed. The program works across multiple sales channels and stock sites and supports drop shipping, making it ideal for those companies working with suppliers to handle order fulfillment. The software goes further than this, however, in that it offers instant profit analysis, allowing a company to see exactly how much they are making on various products or product lines," Andy Richley, spokesperson for KHAOS Control, explains.

Timely order processing plays a role in inventory control, as delayed orders typically lead to unhappy consumers and reduced sales. Making use of inventory control software, companies find they are able to process orders as they come in, using the updated stock level information provided through the program. When items are backordered, the program needs to prioritise stock assignments to ensure clients receive their products in the shortest time possible.

"When consumers find a product is not available through one retailer, they now have the option of searching the Internet to obtain the item quickly, without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Many consumers choose to take this option, yet some are willing to wait for a short period of time, especially when working with a trusted retailer. Companies can ensure they are trusted by clients simply by fulfilling back orders quickly and efficiently, with the shortest delay possible," Richley continues.

When selecting a program of this type, companies need to look at other features offered through the program. Using one system ensures all functions work seamlessly to ensure optimum efficiency. Features one may wish to look for include supplier functions, CRM capabilities, mobile terminals and more.

"Take advantage of the free demo today to see how the KHAOS Control inventory management software can assist your company and the number of features it supports. If you have additional questions before requesting the demo, feel free to contact us using the live chat feature or contact button. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to determine if our software is right for you," Richley declares.

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Individuals in the mail order and retail industry frequently turn to KHAOS Control, a leading multi channel software solution, as do numerous other companies, as this retail, order and inventory management program offers numerous benefits. Users find they can control their finances, obtain comprehensive and powerful reports, track aged debtors/creditors and more with this software. The program assists with everything from purchasing to shipping, improving productivity in every area.

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