Khaos Control Offers a Free Demo of Their Inventory Management Software

Companies testing this software find it meets their needs in every way and simplifies inventory management significantly, reports

According to the Houston Chronicle, warehouse inventory issues plague companies of every size. For some, inaccurate quantities affect their ordering tasks, yet others find the problem lies in product identification. Regardless of where the problem lies, companies need to determine the root cause to minimize or eliminate the problem completely. The inventory management system offered through Khaos Control helps with this, and a free demo is currently being offered so companies can see how use of the system will be of benefit to them.

"Khaos Control created an inventory management system which goes much further. In addition to allowing one to monitor their inventory at all times, the software assists with CRM, EPOS, purchasing, shipping and more. The comprehensive program improves company efficiency in every area, allowing companies to take their business to the next level with ease," Mike Cockfield, spokesperson for Khaos Control, explains.

Those in need of inventory control help appreciate the inventory management features found in this program. One can, in real time, accurately control stock across multiple sites and sales channels. The information for each site remains separate and distinct for information at a glance, and the program fully supports drop shipping. With the help of the software, companies find they may instantly analyze their profits.

Cockfield goes on to say the stock control system may be extended to the warehouse management system for optimal control at all times. This helps to ensure stock levels are accurate at all times and orders are promptly fulfilled. Add to this the Hand Held Terminal solution and the process becomes even easier. Khaos Control offers solutions for every area of inventory management.

Others turn to the Khaos Control Inventory Management software to assist with accounting. With the aid of the software, companies receive up-to-the-minute financial reports, allowing them to stay informed in the areas of profitability, revenue and business expenses. The software works across multiple channels and multiple currencies and provides comprehensive and powerful reports, including trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss. Companies find they can quickly learn about stock valuation/cost of sales, aged debtors and creditors, budgets and more.

"Turn to Khaos Control for all of your inventory management needs. The software offers a variety of features, covering suppliers, purchasing, shipping, mobile, ecommerce and more. With the help of this program, businesses can take their company to the next level with ease. It's a great tool and one every company should have. Request your free demo today," Cockfield recommends.

About Khaos Control:

Founded by Mike Cockfield, Khaos Control delivers high quality, powerful, feature rich solutions to benefit any business. With the help of these solutions, businesses find they are able to unlock their potential. Khaos Control grows along with its customers and the knowledge obtained from clients allows the company to deliver better results.

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