Keycard Ninja Announces New Mobile Service In Orange County

The locksmith service is now able to provide key fob duplication services at customers' residences or other locations, according to

As electronic entry systems, such as hotel key cards or electronic car keys, are rapidly taking the place of traditional physical keys, locksmiths are having to meet a new demand. Specializing in RFID key fobs and cards, Keycard Ninja is a California state-licensed locksmith company that can clone and duplicate any type of key. Until recently a mail-in service only, the company has just announced a new mobile key duplication service in the Orange County area.

"Our mail-in service has been a success, but we understand that our customers would prefer not to go several days without their keys," said Keycard Ninja spokesperson Ryan Smith. "We're excited about being able to offer mobile service. Currently, we're piloting the service in the Orange County area only, but if all goes well, we'll be expanding our service area very soon."

Smith went on to explain how the mobile service works. Customers who want to use the mobile service should first check the map of the company's current service area to make sure their location is covered, and they also need to verify that the type of key they want to copy is included in Keycard Ninja's list of compatible key formats. "We support about 90% of key formats, so the odds are good that customers will find their key type in our database," said Smith. "Moreover, we can transfer the digital signature of the key that we clone into another format, like key fobs, keycards, stickers, and wristbands."

Customers then book an appointment online for onsite key fob duplication, and a locksmith meets them at their residence or other agreed-upon location. The locksmith duplicates the key while the customer waits, and the customer pays at the time of service. "Unfortunately, we can't accept cash or checks at this time, but we can take any major credit card," Smith said.

Customers who are outside of the mobile service area can use the mail-in option from anywhere in the U.S. Mail-in customers are encouraged to use USPS Priority or Express mail, FedEx, or UPS in order to get the fastest service. Once a key is received, it is duplicated right away and is usually in the outgoing mail within 24 hours.

"The service we offer is satisfying a need for a lot of customers," concluded Smith. "Landlords have gotten very restrictive about the number of electronic keys they're willing to give out, and this can cause a problem. Most people need to have one or two extra keys in case of mishaps, but you can't just go get a key fob copy at the local hardware store. Our mobile service, though, offers that level of convenience, and we look forward to expanding into a wider area in the near future."

About Keycard Ninja

Keycard Ninja is a licensed locksmith that specializes in key fob duplication services. Unlike other companies online, Keycard Ninja is licensed by the state of California, and all employees have passed Department of Justice and FBI background checks. Stepping in to play the now-waning role of the hardware store, Keycard Ninja can clone any RFID key fob or card and transfer it to any format the customer chooses from Keycard Ninja's product list.

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