Kenyan Orphanage Project Begins Volunteer Water Program for Students

An orphanage in Kenya that promotes entrepreneurial spirit expands a water initiative into the community.

In 2014, Wesonga Wanga Godwin founded a small Kenyan orphanage with five children. In 2016, philanthropist Huni Hunfjord became involved with the project, and the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence was born. Now, the school is launching an expansive water initiative for the orphans and the surrounding community.

When asked about his involvement with the school, Hunfjord wrote a piece of advice that he often gives his students: “If there is one thing I could leave you with, it’s to understand there is not only one way to do things right, not one truth, not one solution. Remember that you are a much more powerful being than you have been taught you are.”

Hunfjord is a spiritual coach and philanthropist who, after becoming involved with Jabez, is determined to motivate success from the students at the burgeoning school. Hunfjord’s brand promotes physical and spiritual training, and Jabez is a place where his unique skill-building talents can help a vulnerable group of youths.

Now that the number of children in Jabez has grown, the school’s lack of stable water supply has become more and more apparent. As the town bands together to construct the first brick building for the Jabez school, Hunfjord and his supporters are raising money to improve the drinking water infrastructure for the school and the town.

With the help of volunteers and donors, the water initiative entails drilling for water, setting up a water tank, and putting in place a solar-powered pump. On the website for the school, Hunfjord writes, “We are not only going to provide our orphans with clean water, but we are also going to give it to the community as well because our school is all about growing the community while working on the individual.”

The focus of Jabez school is not only education but also providing frameworks for individual accomplishments to be funneled towards community prosperity. Jabez’s mission is to further the entrepreneurial spirit in Kenya.

With the help of interested readers, Jabez can continue to grow. Those who would like to learn more about the school and ways to help spread infrastructure and education in Kenya should visit the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence website.







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