Kendrick & Leonard, P.C. Launches Latest Resource for South Carolinians

Providing in-depth information is the key to providing all-inclusive representation for the people of South Carolina, publishes

South Carolina was ranked number five in the nation's domestic violence rates last year, making this the state's sixth consecutive year in this position. Drug-related offenses fall not far behind with Greenville and Columbia being prominent points for heroin and methamphetamine production, distribution and abuse. In light of surging arrests in both fields, Partner Joshua Kendrick of Kendrick & Leonard, P.C. has launched the criminal defense and civil litigation law firm's latest resource for those facing such charges.

"We've handled almost every type of case imaginable since our founding almost a decade ago," said Kendrick, "from suing one of the largest global corporations in existence to defending a member of the world's most notorious outlaw motorcycle club. During that time, we've become well aware of just how significantly criminal charges can impact a person's life. We've dedicated our careers to helping clients overcome these serious ramifications, but we also strive to help them fully understand the services at their disposal. For this reason, we've launched a new website highlighting the legal fields we cover and offering greater details about the representation we provide."

Based on information from the Kendrick & Leonard, P.C. website, a CDV lawyer provides a wide range of assistance in regard to domestic violence charges alone with restraining orders, imprisonment, lofty fines, loss of child custody and visitation, and revocation of Second Amendment rights being only a few of the potential repercussions of a conviction.

Attorneys Kendrick and Leonard cover cases on both state and federal levels, pointing out the latter are particularly complex and fast-paced. White collar crimes are a growing sector in the realm of federal law with procedures varying widely from those of state-based cases. Federal cases involving drugs, violence, embezzlement, corruption and other crimes tend to involve more witnesses and greater levels of details according to accounts from a number of sources within the legal field.

Concluded Kendrick, "Whether facing charges for violent crimes or financial fraud, the people of South Carolina need a criminal defense lawyer who has the experience, resources and tenacity to help them fight for their rights. Arrests and convictions have the power to destroy lives, but we're committed to helping clients prove their innocence or minimize the aftermath of charges like these. Aside from providing experienced representation and advocacy, we offer education and empowerment. Our new resource page is the latest step in our efforts to better serve fellow South Carolinians."

About Kendrick & Leonard, P.C.:

Founded almost a decade ago, Kendrick & Leonard, P.C. provides criminal defense and civil litigation in state and federal courts across the state of South Carolina. With offices in the state capital of Columbia as well as Greenville's historic district, the firm brings clients a wealth of experience, knowledge and resources.

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