Keloid Removal Expert Undoes Damage Caused By Negligent Colleagues

Surgery tends to worsen a keloid sufferers condition, yet it is the number one treatment administered by most doctors. Read more to find out why most doctors continually fail to mistreat those that suffer from this condition and learn what is the number one treatment method recommended to address it.

Dr. Michael Tirgan, whose practice specializes in the treatment of Keloid Disorder, says that most of his colleagues approach this condition incorrectly by performing surgery. This has lead to a great number of unhappy patients and many cases of massive and disabling keloids.

Due to the lack of research data and financial incentives many of those in the medical community seem to indicate a general apathy towards the plight of those who suffer from keloid disorder. Typically, this means ineffective treatments are often administered that result in more harm than good for most of these patients.

“There are tons of research projects you can refer cancer patients to, however, there are none for keloid sufferers,” says Dr. Tirgan. “There is no other doctor who focuses solely on keloid disorders. This is a problem.”

At first glance, doctors that often receive initial keloid patient referrals, like surgeons and dermatologists, seem to be the obvious first choice. However, without diminishing their expertise, most do not properly treat keloids.

Surgeons treat Keloids as a one-time ordeal and not as a regimented series of follow-up treatments. This often leads to the resurgence of the patient’s keloids which usually appear far worse than before the initial surgery. “Keloid is not a surgical disease and cannot, and should not be treated with surgery.” says Dr. Tirgan. “No one should ever undergo keloid removal surgery. Do we use a scalpel to treat psoriasis? We do not. We should not use a scalpel to treat keloids either. Currently, cryotherapy is the most effective and the safest method to remove most bulky keloids, and it does not result in worsening of the keloid.”

Most insurance companies classify keloid disorder as a cosmetic problem. Keloid suffering can cause pain which in some cases is very severe and disabling. It can cause mobility problems and most importantly psychological trauma. When that is the case, it is quite minimizing and perhaps inaccurate to relegate this complex genetic disorder to “keloid scar”, a common diagnostic code which simply misrepresents, and falsely lowers the severity of this condition. Where surgery results in more damage than good, and when radiation causes cancer, the problem is no longer cosmetic.

As one of the world’s foremost keloid treatment experts, Dr. Tirgan has made it his mission to bring broader awareness about this genetic skin condition into the mainstream public consciousness, to help those who suffer from keloids, to stop surgery in the first place and to guide patients to receive proper and effective treatment.

“After visiting multiple dermatologists with no results, I will only trust Dr. Tirgan to continue with his proven treatment methods” says Matt R., a prime case study example of a patient whose condition worsened when treated by other doctors before visiting with doctor Tirgan.

Keloid sufferers who would like to learn more about Dr. Tirgan can visit for more details, to ask questions or to request an appointment.

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