Kelly Murdock of Vermont Based Architecture Firm MSA Published Details of Current Projects

Kelly Murdock of Murdock Solon Architects has new images of her current projects available to view on the firm’s portfolio, including homes, offices and art galleries.

Architecture is both art and science, combining design principles with structural elements to form amazing spaces is no mean feat. Only the best architects can create a space that is both functional and innovative, transforming expectations to create a space that is an expression of the values of the client. This is the ultimate goal of Murdock Solon Architects, whose partners Kelly and Shea Murdock have excelled themselves with recent projects. Kelly Murdock’s current projects are now available to view in progress on their site’s portfolio, giving future clients a view of exactly what to expect from the firm.

The current projects vary greatly, and include both commercial and residential ventures. Kelly’s work ( includes designing and optimizing an office space for an advertising agency, which includes everything from a grand piano to a yoga studio. She is also designing residential projects like the beautiful Clinton Hill townhouse project, with huge light maximizing windows and an open plan, mezzanine design.

These projects provide an insight into the cutting edge of Murdock Solon’s work, and Kelly Murdock’s hugely varied style in approaching different challenges. It is clear from the work available to view on the site that her aesthetic transforms to match the tastes of the client, while also responding positively to the inherent attributes of the space in question.

A spokesperson for Murdock Solon Architects explained, “Kelly’s projects are hugely exciting for the company and we are aware how much they each mean to her. By having a current projects section on our portfolio we are able to demonstrate for clients current and potential what we are working on in the moment, sharing the design and ideation process as well as the development of the finished product in a physical space. We believe that architecture is all about the journey we take with our clients, and we are delighted to share some of Kelly’s journeys online.”

About Murdock Solon Architects: Murdock Solon Architects is a New York City-based architecture firm focused on residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Its team of highly motivated design professionals approaches each project with extensive research and thoughtful creativity from concept to completion. A stepped design process and careful construction management ensure a successful execution.

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