Keeping a Record of Pain Resulting from a Car Accident Reports Dallas Injury Attorney

Dallas injury / accident lawyer Amy Witherite outlines how to keep record of pain after a car accident.

Most car accident victims know to keep records of their injuries. Many create dedicated files to store doctors’ bills, prescription receipts, physical therapy exercise guidelines, and other such documents. But, a car accident victim may question how to record her struggles with pain. She may also wonder whether she will be able to remember and accurately describe how she felt on a given day months later in a deposition.
Pain can be difficult to measure, and each person experiences it in a different way. Two people with similar injuries (for example, a broken leg) may hurt in very different ways and degrees. Keeping a pain journal, especially for injuries that are long-lasting or may result in chronic pain, enables a car accident victim to create an ongoing record of her real-time experiences.

Keeping a pain journal can be easy and fast. Each day, a car accident victim should spend a few minutes reflecting on her pain. She should record:

Date and time the entry is made;

Location of the pain;

What the pain level is on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst pain imaginable);

Type of pain (for example, a dull ache, acute pinpoint pain, or radiating pain);

Associated symptoms (such as tingling, numbness, or loss of motion);

What factors that impacted the pain (whether the pain lessened upon taking pain medication or worsened upon a particular movement); and

Whether any changes were made to her treatment plan or medications (whether she attended physical therapy that day or the dosage of her pain medication was increased).

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