KCB Janitors Announce 2 New Promotions for Current Employees

KCB Janitors, a reputable commercial cleaning service in Terre Haute, Indiana promoted two employees into supervisors.

KCB Janitors, the commercial branch of the KCB Cleaning Services LLC, a reputable cleaning company has decided to promote two highly motivated employees into supervisors. Charles Philabaum was promoted to a supervisor of the day team, whereas Harley Johnston was named the supervisor of the night team, after each has shown a winning customer service attitude and dedication to their customers.

By promoting two employees into supervisors, the company owners are freed up to focus on making the company more successful and organized. The company is also excited to begin the implementation of many new tools and technologies that have been planned to be used but hadn’t been set up due to time constraints.  The company decided to promote from within its own ranks for a few reasons. The first and foremost is showing the employees that hard work and dedication pays off. The other major reason is that they are already familiar with the way the company works, and have demonstrated that they share the same core values (Have Fun, Make Money, Be Real, Help Others).  At KCB Janitors, it is often said that a cleaner can work a lifetime with the wrong core values and never provide our customers with the experience they want. That is why the company strives to train the right cleaner, with the right values, to provide the outstanding service that the customers have never known from competitors, but come to expect from KCB Janitors.

“We have been in business for 13 years now and we have established ourselves as a reputable and professional company our clients can rely on. However, as the business grows, managing every aspect of the business has put a serious strain on us,” said Chris Bradshaw, the co-owner of KCB Janitors and the KCB Cleaning Services brand. Mr. Bradshaw added: “We decided to promote Charles and Harley as supervisors, freeing some of our time for other aspects of the job. We know that Charles and Harley will execute our supervision strategy well providing more training and supervision to each employee, while at the same time keeping a better eye on results.  With this new plan we will improve our customer experience while freeing up time to implement new tools that will improve the experience even more for our customers and employees!”

About KCB Janitors: The company was created as a branch of the KCB Cleaning Services, a well-known and reputable cleaning company in the Terre Haute area of Indiana. KCB Janitors was designed specifically to cater to the growing segment of the company’s business – commercial cleaning for small and medium-sized businesses in the Terre Haute area.

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