KBVISION Group Launching A New Generation Of Recorders With Artificial Intelligence In Their News Section

KBVISION Group has recently introduced the new generation of recorders with artificial intelligence.

KBVISION Group, an American company that is leading the market when it comes to surveillance product providers in the country. Not only in the US, but they provide surveillance products, and software's all across the world.

A spokesperson from the company talks about the new generation of recorders with AI technology in their news section. KX-DA2K8xxxH2 is considered as revolution that will improve and enhance the security of home camera systems. One can upgrade to AI integrated from basic HD Analog camera systems and get several excellent benefits.

An employee from the company further talks about the advanced features that come with artificial intelligence integrated smart camera systems. Firstly, the user will get face recognition, which will help distinguish acquaintances and strangers for better customer protection based on a preloaded database. If strangers try to come inside users' homes, it will alarm users via phone alarm push, email, siren,buzzer at the recorder. Another advantage of using artificial intelligence is that it comes with SMD function. This motion detection feature in artificial intelligence detects the movement of vehicles or people, avoiding false alarms. One will also get a complete security and interface platform. More features will come with XVR KX-DA2K8xxxH2. The price is a little bit higher than the KX-2K8xxxH1 series. KBVISION customers will be happy as the product have included premium features built into affordable models.

KBVISION Group also provides smart tracking functions and much more. One can read and buy more products on their website.

Now KBVISION Group's main aim is to develop KB AiOS, which is a platform that has high refinement, low price, and licensing for CCTV factories. This company have globalized its hardware business with Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) contracts with partners in Asia. The product made by this company is available in many countries. Some of the countries are the USA, France, Russia, England, Japan, German, Indian, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Denmark, Canada, Cambodia, Vietnam, and much more. Their main aim is to provide the best surveillance products to consumers through their in-depth understanding and experience about the market.

About the Company:
KBVISION Group is an American company which was also known as Analysis LLC and SJIS Vision. The headquarter of this company is based in San Jose, the US. The members that founded the company were employed in renowned technology corps such as Intel, Google, etc. All the founding members are the top engineers from Silicon Valley. In the beginning, the main aim of the company was to build software for the security industry. This company has provided some of the popular products like the KBiVMS Pro software that make video surveillance better, KB one series, artificial intelligence that recognizes a face, and protection software for the CCTV camera industry.
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Contact Info:
Name: Jessie White
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Organization: KBVISION
Address: Silicon Valley Center, 2570 North First Street, Suite 200, San Jose, California, 95131, United States
Phone: +14082149115
Website: https://kbvisiongroup.com/

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