Kayak Advisors Releases Huge New Collection of 2018 Buying Guides

With many retailers discounting prices for winter, site's new 2018 guides to the best kayaks and accessories will help visitors find great deals, Kayak Advisors reports

All across the country, kayak-friendly waterways are getting colder, with temperatures in the Cuyahoga River, for example, recently dipping into the 30s, according to the USGS. While cold weather might be keeping some kayaking enthusiasts off the water, anyone who loves the sport will find plenty of great deals this time of year, and Kayak Advisors is ready to help.

As a top online source of kayaking advice, product reviews, and gear recommendations, Kayak Advisors has just published a huge selection of buying guides ready for 2018. Whether for those who plan to brave wintry waters or others getting geared up for spring, the new guides at https://kayakadvisors.com/ cover everything needed to have a great time kayaking. From the best kayaks for beginners, kids, or couples to kayak coolers, cockpit covers, and gloves, the new Kayak Advisors 2018 buying guides will be of interest to all who enjoy this fun, fast-growing sport.

"One of the great things about living in Northeast Ohio is how many options there are for getting out on the water in a kayak," said Kayak Advisors founder Pete Danylewycz. "While colder December weather puts a damper on the kayaking activities of many in the area, this is a great time of year to shop for gear. That's true all over the country, so we're happy to report that we've just released a brand new collection of buying guides for 2018. We've identified and reviewed all the top kayaks and other products in a wide range of categories, and we think anyone who enjoys kayaking will want to have a look."

A 2016 report by the Outdoor Foundation identified kayaking as one of the fastest growing activities among the nearly half of all Americans who had participated in an outdoor sport the previous year. Kayaks have been used for thousands of years by peoples like the Inuit and Aleut to navigate their local coastal waters. Strengths that made them especially suitable for such practical purposes, including ease of paddling and overland transportation, have also helped make kayaks popular with millions of recreational paddlers.

Kayak Advisors is a top online destination for all those who love kayaking or would like to get started. Covering everything from the basics of the sport and its culture to safety, product reviews, and buying guides, the site caters to newcomers and experts alike. With many brand-new 2018 kayak and accessory buying guides now available at kayakadvisors.com, all who enjoy spending time on the water will want to stop by.

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