Katrin Ackfeld Interior Designer Showcases New Furnishing And Refurbishment Projects In Mallorca

Katrin Ackfeld is an interior designer in Mallorca, and has created a new Projects section on her website to showcase her latest work on behalf of homeowners in the region.

Interior design is integral to making a house a home. It allows people to define their personal space in the way they see fit, and express their tastes and preferences. However, to do so artfully requires years of experience and expertise. That’s why many people choose to employ an interior designer to help them make the best out of their space’s potential. Katrin Ackfeld is an interior designer working on the island of Mallorca, Spain, and she has just created a new showcase section of her website to help people see her latest interior design, furnishing and refurbishment projects in Mallorca.

The new section includes Mallorca interior design work on living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, together with remodelling work on multiple spaces, transforming the dimensions and features to give old spaces new life and potential.

The images speak for themselves, with lean explanations describing the nature and location of the work. The images show beautiful furnishings, stunning glass work, seamless integrated units and more. The new section is designed not only to showcase previous work, but to inspire potential new clients as to what is possible with a designer’s help.

A spokesperson for Katrin Ackfeld Interior Designer explained, “Katrin has done extraordinary work on the island for almost twenty years, and has made Mallorca a world leader in interior decoration, design and remodelling. The work speaks for itself, and the website is furnished with before and after images so people can see how refurbishment can redefine how a space works. Katrin is still working hard on behalf of clients after nearly thirty years in the industry. She offers unbeatable services, delivered fluently in three different languages, ensuring anyone living in Mallorca can benefit.”

About Katrin Ackfeld Interior Designer: Katrin Ackfeld Interior Designer has over 27 years of experience in interior design and has been offering refurbishment and construction services for the last 12 years. The designer lives and works in Mallorca, offering designs that invite life and create atmosphere, with pleasing aesthetics and cutting edge functionality. Together with a team of the best and most specialized craftsmen and suppliers with multi-language support, Katrin offers the best service available in Mallorca.

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Organization: Katrin Ackfeld Mallorca Interior Design
Address: Calle Bons Aires, 3 E - 07510 Sineu | Mallorca | Spain
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Website: http://www.katrin-ackfeld-interior-mallorca.com/

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