Kaspar & Lugay LLP Is Helping Clients in Matters Related to Divorce and Family Law

The California-based law firm handles divorce cases no matter how complex or simple. They can also help people dealing with cases related to child custody, spousal support, high net worth divorce, and more.

The personal nature of family law cases makes it incredibly important to be able to find quality attorneys in this area. An experienced and talented legal team can help ensure the best possible outcome when dealing with cases like these, and the results of these cases can shape the future of an entire family for years to come. And when it comes to experience and talent in the area of family law, Kaspar & Lugay, LLP has plenty of both.

Kaspar & Lugay, LLP is a team of divorce lawyers Bay Area that sets itself apart from others thanks to its multidisciplinary approach to family law disputes. While the law firm has plenty of experienced family law attorneys — they have over 70 years of combined experience —, that’s not the only area they specialize in.

Founding partner Brent Kaspar is a certified public accountant, and he brings his financial expertise to the table on a wide range of family law cases. The combination of his command of family law with his financial acuity and tax law knowledge make him invaluable in property division disputes, particularly in high net worth cases.

Kaspar is one of the firm’s founders and is currently a partner. Another founding member and partner is Arvin Lugay, a trial-proven lawyer with a vast amount of experience in high-stakes commercial and business litigation. Both the law firm’s partners have also worked with some of the largest multinational law firms in the world, which allowed them to gain valuable experience.

As the law firm’s website explains: “Our lawyers are problem solvers. The experience and unique skill sets of our attorneys are advantageous for our clients in each of our chosen practice areas.”

Some of the areas the law firm operates in include: divorce, spousal support, child support, child custody, asset division, and more. They can help people in high-pressure professional careers navigate their divorces, and they can also help with international divorces, legal separations, interstate divorces, and more.

They can also help clients navigate the nuances of a child custody case, helping with custody agreements, visitation schedules, modifications, and more.

Today Kaspar & Lugay LLP has five office locations and a total of 7 family lawyers. Their small size isn’t by accident. As the law firm explains, their goal is to “provide the high-quality legal representation of a big firm, with the agility and client-centered focus that only a small firm can provide.”

A client-centered focus is, of course, particularly important in sensitive family law cases, which can be quite emotionally charged. The attorneys at Kaspar & Lugay LLP understand this, and they work hard to help reduce their client’s stress levels, without ever compromising their commitment to zealously guarding their client’s rights.

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