Karnion Launches Superlearning Karnion Method to Quickly Teach Foreign Language

The Superlearning Karnion.si method is considered the fastest language learning method with the help of Dr. Lozanov's

It is estimated that it takes a person (on average) 10 hours a day, for 48 days of consistent studying to become fluent in easy languages, and 72 days for more difficult ones. For some, who are planning a vacation or extended trip to another country, this amount of time is just impossible.

In an effort to make learning a foreign language easier and more effective, Karnion offers a new method, that is not only proven but also much faster than more traditional learning methods.

“Karnion is considered the fastest language learning method available today,” stated company representative Bojana Fende Habula. “We have been providing language learning services in Slovenia since 1991and use the method of learning a new language developed by Dr. Lozanov. This method teaches students with the alpha state combination, with mind machine technology and the use of a yellow light.”

There is no reason to use the slower and more outdated methods of learning when the Karnion method allows students to reach their goal up to four times faster. This means in just 40 hours a student can save up to 200 hours compared to more conventional methods.

The foreign language courses used in the superlearning method are considered to be concise and allow a student to learn faster, with the ability to complete four to eight lessons per day. There are various time packages based on the amount of time students have to dedicate to the lessons.

“We currently have 13 languages offered with our superlearning method, which includes Croatian, Serbian, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German and English,” continued Habula. “Filling out our online form will also give you access to a free lesson in your language of choice.”

Additional information about the superlearning method can be found at the Karnion.si website.


Karnion has been offering holistic language programs since 1991. The language lessons are developed to enhance a person’s spiritual, personal, emotional and social intelligence. It offers the ideal opportunity for every person who is on the pat to self-realization to develop all of their potentials while enriching their lives. With the Karnion language program, students receive a “fast track” to the language of their choice, ensuring they can quickly and easily learn without the amount of time and dedication that traditional methods require, making it easier and efficient to become fluent in a new language.

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