Kanen Law Firm, a NYC Firm, Announces the Opening of a Blockchain Law Division

The firm is pioneering the field of blockchain law by creating an in-house department specializing in alternate currency transactions, KanenLaw.com reports

Kanen Law Firm announces the opening of a Blockchain law division. The firm continues to pioneer the field of blockchain law by creating an in-house department dedicated to alternate currency transactions. Kanen Law Firm was one of the first in the industry to close real estate transactions with Bitcoin, as well as a forerunner in accepting digital currency as compensation for their services, which they have been doing since 2014. Kanen Law Firm has used this experience to perfect a system that allows them to seamlessly handle virtually any business or real estate digital currency transaction, from beginning to end.

"Bitcoin transactions continue to increase in frequency. For the 24 hour period ending December 17, 2017, more than 383,000 transactions were completed using this currency, equivalent of almost 16,000 transactions per hour. The average value of a transaction for this period was almost $116,000. Businesses need to recognize this and determine how working with alternate currencies would benefit them. With the launch of our blockchain law division, businesses that want to stay relevant and expand their payment systems now have somewhere to turn for more information on the advantages and drawbacks and how to set up a system of this type," Alexander Kanen, the managing partner of Kanen Law Firm, explains.

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger of transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually anything of value. Bitcoin is the best known and most trusted example of this distributed ledger technology. No central authority or bank is associated with Bitcoin; it operates on peer-to-peer technology.

It's a crypto-currency with a recognized exchange rate, and it can be exchanged for other crypto-currencies or for USD. Multinational corporations and entire countries are embracing the new digital reality, and digital currency is now used frequently to pay for everyday things, like groceries and restaurant dinners, as well as larger purchases like cars and real estate. There are numerous advantages to utilizing crypto currencies, such as faster, cheaper and more efficient transactions. Moreover, the evolution of smart contracts is going to fundamentally and permanently revolutionize the way the world transacts business.

"Businesses and individuals looking to invest in or make use of Blockchain technology turn to us for assistance. Confidentiality, individual approach and innovative solutions are always emphasized when a client chooses to work with us," Kanen continues.

The acceptance of alternate currencies is something every business will have to consider, as there are a number of benefits associated with doing so.

"Now is the time for any business to consider accepting alternate currencies. For those who remain hesitant or uninformed, we can help. We discuss how best to set up a system of this type, the advantages and disadvantages of doing so and more. Contact us today for help with your next crypto-currency transaction or with your next distributed ledger technology project," Kanen recommends.

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