Just in Time for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, New Book Breaks Silence on Race in the Workplace

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Employees and executives have access to a power-packed combination of an intriguing novel and no-nonsense business consulting that can transform organizational culture.

This Monday, the nation will celebrate the life and legacy of a man who led the country to imagine a new way of living and working together. However, realizing Martin Luther King's dream requires a new plan. The foundation of the challenges seen in African-American communities are economic challenges caused by generations of disparities in access to quality education and jobs. By addressing the issues around race in the workplace, author and talent management professional Allison Manswell, CPLP believes that over time, we can solve broader community challenges.

"The conversations we aren't having are costing us trust, collaboration and innovation,” says Manswell. “Capitalizing on the value that diversity offers requires us to get more comfortable talking about race at work and changing organizational cultures that support or perpetuate racial bias. It's time to break the silence and move our nation forward.”

Manswell will begin hosting roundtable sessions, where she breaks the silence on race at work and provides coaching to help people move their careers forward. Her first Listen In Roundtable will be held on February 25th, from 5-8pm at Picasso's' Lounge located at 2101 Maryland Avenue in Baltimore.

In her new book, Listen In: Crucial Conversations on Race in the Workplace, Manswell outlines these issues and offers suggestions. The book includes a template for individual career planning and thought starters for organizations ready to tackle the issue of talent management for people of color. The Afterword is written by Howard J. Ross who is one of the nation’s leading diversity consultants and a nationally recognized expert on diversity, leadership, and organizational change.

"Allison Manswell has provided a thoughtful contribution to this challenge by giving us a way to conduct these conversations in a meaningful way,” says Ross. “She approaches the issue with sensitivity and balance. While providing examples of how people in non-dominant racial groups can find ways to deal with the dominant community more effectively, she has not fallen into the trap of encouraging people to lean in, and act more like the dominant group. While offering ways that members of the dominant group can learn to be more engaged and honest in these conversations, she has not laden people with guilt or judgment. She has, in fact, created an opportunity for authentic human conversation.”

Ron Meeks, Senior Partner of Pivot Leadership gives an example of the experience readers have through Manswell's book.

"Allison’s writing is amazing," says Meeks. "She had me in the first conversation and I just didn’t want to stop. I became Jim, a 55-year old white guy with the great fortune of overhearing a conversation on hard truths and personal perspectives about unconscious bias and systems of practices. Finally, we have a more purpose-driven approach to diversity and inclusion. Thank you, Allison. Now I must act."

Manswell’s book is available now on Amazon and is a must-have guide for individuals looking to grow their career and organizations ready to transform their culture by leveraging all of their talent. Employee resource groups, book clubs and executive teams are going to want to make this required reading and use the insight provided to help move them to solutions.

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