Julie Hamilton, Breastfeeding Restaurant Compliance Advisor, Featured on Influencers Radio

Julie Hamilton, compliance advisor for breastfeeding in restaurants, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps protect their brand by creating policies to deal with breastfeeding complaints.

Julie Hamilton’s background is in strategic marketing, PR and advertising. She is using these skills to help restaurants deal with an issue which is becoming more prevalent among their customers, and that issue is breastfeeding in restaurants.

Many people are unaware that there are local, state and federal laws and regulations which protect the rights of mothers to breastfeed anywhere they are allowed to be – and this includes restaurants.

Whether through ignorance of the law or through neglect, many restaurants have failed to institute policies and procedures to use when customers complain about mothers who breastfeed in their restaurants. Hamilton works with companies both before and after complaints arise to avoid escalating these situations.

She shares, “Mothers have the right to nurse in public, in a restaurant, in a park or anywhere a mom is allowed to be. My background is in protecting brands. I’ve worked in restaurants during college and other times. So I know the importance of manager training, of employee training, of leadership and of investors being happy. I’m able to come at this from all those different angles.

So while I do champion moms’ rights, there is a way that restaurants can protect and also champion moms’ rights. Restaurant owners and managers want our families and customers to come in and feel welcome. And there are specific things they can do to make sure that happens.”

She acknowledges that breastfeeding is an emotional and complex issue. As more and more health benefits of breastfeeding are discovered, more mothers are choosing to breastfeed their babies. Many of these women start to separate themselves from their communities because of fear of the problems which could arise when they need to feed their children if they’re out and about.

Hamilton is an advocate for mothers and wants to help them participate fully in their communities. As a result, she helps to make companies aware of the laws and the need to have policies and procedures in place, along with employee training, to handle any situations they might encounter.

Hamilton helps write policies for companies to institute and also handles employee training to help them implement these policies.

In this interview, Hamilton also discusses the negative consequences which happen when restaurants do not have procedures in place when someone complains about a breastfeeding mother. She points out that advocacy groups and social media can significantly impact the restaurant and the restaurant’s brand if situations are not handled properly.

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