Joseph Robba of LenFlare Creations Wins Poptent's February 2013 Overall Reel Award

Outstanding video work by Joseph Robba of LenFlare Creations earns prestigious award.

Poptent recently announced the winners of the February 2013 Reel of the Month assignment and Joseph Robba of LensFlare Creations took home the top prize for best overall reel. "This award is a great honor as many truly impressive reels were submitted to the contest," Joseph Robba declares. "LensFlare Creations creates outstanding videos for clients and contests alike as the importance of video marketing should never be discounted."

The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business conducted a study on the benefits of using a video to sell a product or service. Results of this study show that video is of great importance as consumers are 72 percent more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video because they have a great understanding of the product or service. The more a customer knows, the more he or she feels comfortable purchasing the item. "The Video Production Company Charlotte used to make the video plays a role in this also as low quality videos often hurt companies rather than helping them," Jonathan Andrews of Lens Flare Creations declares.

As companies learned the importance of video, thanks to this study and others, many rushed to place video on their site. Often these videos were of low quality or didn't portray the image the company wanted to get across. "A bad video does more harm than good as it may lead to a visitor leaving a site, never to return. When creating a video for marketing purposes, customers need to turn to a professional production company to ensure the video meets certain goals to have visitors coming back," Mr. Andrews continues.

"Our Charlotte Video Production Company understands the importance of keeping viewers engaged and entertained while providing the information needed to influence their purchasing decision. Brand awareness remains a priority of each video created as clients vary greatly in terms of what they have to offer. The video production process needs to ensure the video reflects the image the company wishes to portray. To achieve this goal, the production team works closely with the client to create the perfect video every time," Mr. Robba states.

About LensFlare Creations:
Joseph Robba and Jonathan Andrews created LensFlare Creations to explore their passion for unique, original and inspiring video production. Established in 2009, the company specializes in pre-production, production and post. The team takes a project through each stage of the process, from concept to execution, and strives to make each project the very best work they've done to date. The goal remains to create fun, exciting and inspiring high quality media. Clients include ESPN, McDonalds, Lowes and Amway.

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