Jones Law Firm Secures $346,000 Verdict for Client Injured by 18-Wheeler

Expert opinions made it clear that Merigold, Mississippi resident was entitled to compensation for her injuries after her car was hit by truck, Jones Law Group reports

Jones Law Firm--a Jackson, Mississippi personal injury law firm--has secured a $346,500.00 jury verdict on behalf of a Merigold resident who was injured in an 18-wheeler wreck. According to an eyewitness who testified at trial, the defendant employee of Roy Collins Construction backed his truck and trailer into Martin Luther King Drive at the Delta Health Center in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. Dorothy Beckward was traveling Martin Luther King Drive and was hit on the front passenger side of her vehicle by the trailer.

The defendant employee of Roy Collins Construction Company testified that he left his trailer in the roadway and was waiting for traffic to clear prior to pulling the rest of the way out. The defendant contested liability and did not agree upon the extent of the plaintiff's injuries, which eventually led to a week long jury trial in the Bolivar County Circuit Court.

Ms. Beckward's medical records showed she suffered injury to her neck, right shoulder, and right knee in the October 30, 2014 wreck. Despite the medical evidence, the defense argued that no medical records after the initial treatment were related to the wreck.

Baskin Jones, a Jackson, Mississippi injury attorney, worked with Greenville co-counsel, John Daniels, and retained an expert in the fields of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Spinal Cord Injury Medicine to conduct an independent medical examination and summarize those ways the plaintiff had been injured in the wreck.

The defense attempted to point to osteoarthritis, and a wreck that had occurred five years before this wreck as the cause of her injuries.

"We're proud to report that we secured nearly $350,000 in justified compensation for Dorothy Beckward," Jones said. "As a Truck Accident Lawyer and Car Accident Lawyer, I have often seen the difference that obtaining compensation can make for victims. We here at the Jones Law Group are committed to being the kinds of Injury Lawyers that Mississippians can rely upon when they need help the most."

Baskin Jones noted that the successful verdict comes in part thanks to the expert opinions used in the case. Inquiring parties can learn more about Jones Law Firm by visiting

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