Johnson & Buxton Law Firm Is Fighting for Consumers in Lemon Law Cases

The California-based law firm was founded by a pair of attorneys with over 20 years of experience representing companies in lemon law cases. They are now putting that experience to use helping regular consumers.

You may have heard of Lemon Laws. In the United States, they are laws designed to protect consumers who have bought products that repeatedly fail to meet quality and performance standards. This means that if you bought a car, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat, motor home, or some other vehicle that constantly breaks down and gives you trouble, you may be entitled to compensation. And the law firm of Johnson & Buxton is here to help.

Johnson & Buxton — affectionately known as “The Lemon Law Guys” — is a law firm that handles lemon law cases in the Los Angeles area and throughout California. The was founded by Jonathan W. Buxton and Derek S. Johnson who together have over 20 years of experience in lemon law cases. And after spending all those years defending some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, the two are now using their expertise to protect consumers and fight for their rights.

As the law firm’s website explains, over the years the two lawyers “worked for the automakers, defending them against Lemon Law claims. Now, they’re working for you! They use the experience they gained representing the automakers to protect the rights of the consumer, making sure you get the settlement that is rightfully yours.”

That experience comes with perks. Anyone who thinks they might have a strong case on their hands can access the law firm’s website — — for a free consultation with a lemon law attorney. Thanks to their experience, the Lemon Law Guys can quickly assess whether or not your case is a strong candidate to be settled quickly. They are also able to anticipate which defenses the automakers are likely to use, and can adapt accordingly.

The best part is that all of this comes with no costs for the consumers. Johnson & Buxton offers free consultations, and there are now legal fees to worry about. Under California law, the car manufacturer is responsible for covering legal fees in a prevailing claim. And losing a claim isn’t a reason for concern, either.

As the law firm’s website explains: “Both the federal and California laws require the manufacturer to pay all legal fees, so there is no cost to you if you win. When you come to our law firm, you won’t incur fees even if you lose your claim.”

Who can pursue a lemon law case?

Under California law, you may have a “lemon” in your hands if you purchased or leased a car that required at least two repair visits to fix a defect. As long as at least one of the repair attempts was made during the warranty period. Some states have stricter requirements, but California’s lemon law provides some of the broadest protection to consumers in the nation.

Claims also don’t have to be filed right away. Consumers have up to four after the warranty expires to file a claim, and claims can be filed even if the consumer no longer owns the affected vehicle.

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