John Hart Says Robotunits the Go-To Company for Robotics Extrusion and Accessories

Robotunits is establishing itself as Australia’s finest provider of some of the most innovative automation solutions for leading companies in the robotics industry, including John Hart.

John Hart is an Australian family-owned company that is one of the country’s leading suppliers of new machine tools, special products and factory automation systems. Committed to becoming the most successful supplier of its kind, the company strives to understand its customers’ needs and provide them with quality affordable products.

John Hart has close associations with some of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers, placing it at the forefront of the industry’s latest developments and innovation. As a result, the company has over the last 60 years played a significant role in the transfer of technology to manufacturers in Australia.

John Hart uses Robotunits extrusions and connectors to build machine frames, conveyors, linear motion systems and safety fencing. During an interview with Robotunits’ Peter Buke, Simon Hales, the Operations Manager for Automation and Robotics from John Hart, revealed why the company prefers the products and services of Robotunits over those of other providers.

“Products from Robotunits are affordable and fit the purpose very well,” said Simon Hales. “They also offer a lot of flexibility on what we can do with a piece of equipment, whether they are specialized conveyors, machine frames and other elements for special-purpose machines or standard safety fits.”

He added that changes can be made whenever they are required by customers without having to completely pull things apart with Robotunits products. This is because customers often change their minds during projects and request changes, so it is always important to go with products that can be easily configured. “With most competitive products, changes are difficult to make without taking the entire system apart,” he said.

“In some cases, if products are of a comparable price, the choice will be made based on how quickly it can be designed or adjusted. For instance, an engineer might only need about a day to make a Robotunits product fit into a system as opposed to other products that might require days or even weeks to work.”

Hales also found that Robotunits’ extrusion and connection technology provides greater flexibility for designs as opposed to the more traditional steel constructions. “They are also easy to adjust on-site, and the company has had no quality issues with products from Robotunits so far.”

“The staff from Robotunits are very helpful - not just the sales guys but also the engineers,” said Hales. “They are focused on providing the right results and also provide helpful information and suitable recommendations whenever they find that there is a better way to do something.”

About Robotunits:
Robotunits specializes in high-quality conveyor technology based on a modular automation system to deliver customized solutions for its customers. As a result, customers receive the maximum number of solutions using the least possible number of components, saving them time and money that would have otherwise been spent on design, logistics, assembly and training.

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