John Fox and Associates Fights to Protect the Rights of Injured Workers

When one is injured on the job, he or she deserves fair compensation promptly announces John Fox and Associates.

According to Kristin Wall, president and chief executive officer of Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corp., fewer workers file workers' compensation claims during economic downturns as employers typically retain experienced employees, those who also tend to have the best safety record. "The economy continues to show signs of improvement, with unemployment figures dropping and jobless claims decreasing, which may lead to an increase in workers' compensation claims and John Fox and Associates ( offers assistance to those who find themselves in need of legal representation after being injured on the job," John Fox, head of the law firm, declares.

In Lousiana, worker's compensation pays 2/3 of the worker's average weekly wage when he or she is unable to work due to an injury sustained on the job. This payment, known as temporary total disability, is in addition to the money paid by the insurance company to cover the medical expenses related to the injury. "Workers need to understand when this money is due, how it will be paid and what they are entitled to under the law as insurance carriers work to reduce the amount they must pay out. Anyone injured while on the job needs to ensure they have the same type of representation to get the compensation due to them," Fox goes on to say.

Employees who are able to work, but in a limited capacity, remain entitled to compensation also, although the monies received are referred to as wage-loss benefits or supplemental earnings benefits. "To determine the amount to be paid to the employee, the employer calculates what the employee was earning before the injury and what the employee makes while on limited duty. The employer is then responsible for paying two-thirds of this difference to the employee. There are exceptions to this though, which is where an attorney, such as those at John Fox and Associates (, can be of great help," Fox continues.

The key to a successful claim lies in the timely filing of the claim, and laws governing the time period required to file are very complex. "When someone is injured on the job, they need to immediately seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure their rights are protected and they receive payment in a timely manner. The injuries sustained need to be the top focus of the employee and his or her loved ones, not when or if payment will be received. The attorneys at John Fox and Associates work to ensure this is the case for each client served," Fox proclaims.

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John Fox and Associates offers more than 77 combined years of legal experience, many of these in workers' compensation and personal injury law. The majority of cases handled focus on workers' compensation as this is an area where many need assistance to ensure fair compensation is obtained.

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