John Bales Attorneys Announce Substantial Settlements In Two Cases

The legal team at Tampa-based John Bales Attorneys offers news about two recent cases which resulted in sizable awards for each of the plaintiffs in the case. The clients were a 58-year old school teacher and a 9-year old child.

John Bales Attorneys is pleased to announce that the legal firm has reached a settlement agreement for two of their clients, each of whom suffered traumatic injuries, resulting in lengthy or even lifelong pain and treatment requirements. The first of these cases was that of a 58-year old school music teacher injured in a major car accident ( The man suffered a spinal fracture in his neck, requiring extensive treatment, including surgery to implant metal screws.

The other driver was judged to be at fault for the accident, but the driver’s insurance company refused to cover the full cost of the injured party’s damages. The company’s claim was that the client’s injuries were not severe and did not require extensive coverage.

According to a spokesperson for John Bales Attorneys, “While we often, succeed in arranging settlements outside of court, in this case, the driver’s insurance company refused to settle and we had to take the matter before a jury. The result was a jury finding in favor of our clients and an award of $2,937,709.61. In addition, we were also able to win a substantial monetary award for his wife. As his partner, she shared in his pain and suffering and also experienced a significant erosion of her lifestyle as a result of his injuries and medical need.”

In a second recent case, the legal trial team was able to reach a high six-figures settlement on behalf of a young man who suffered a traumatic brain injury ( Our client, who was only nine years old at the time of the tragic accident, slipped and fell at the apartment complex where he lived. He hit his head in the fall and sustained a concussion that required costly medical care and could have life-long repercussions.

The legal strategy utilized in this case and others like it rests on demonstrating that the defendant had a duty to prevent the injury but did not take a reasonable steps to do so, and that the plaintiff suffered injury as a result. In this case, duty to prevent and neglect of that duty were clear, as was the cause of the accident. The job of the legal team was to prove injury.

John Bales Attorneys retained high-caliber experts, including a neurologist, a psychiatrist, and a life care planner. These expert witnesses evaluated this child and prepared to render convincing testimony, outlining his lifetime limitations and the long-term effects of the traumatic brain injury. On the eve of trial, the defendants finally agreed to a fair and reasonable settlement for the injuries this child suffered. The deserving client now will have the necessary funds to obtain the care and support he and his family needs for the rest of his life.

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