Jody Jelas, Creator of Boom Formula 2.0, Featured on Influencers Radio

Jody Jelas, creator of Boom Formula 2.0, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show discussing how she helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by creating their own signature online programs.

Jody Jelas, best selling author of “Lady Balls” and creator of Boom Formula 2.0, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize. During the interview Jelas shared how she started her first successful business at the ripe young age of 21 by making the snap decision to quit her job and start a web design business the very next day – before she even knew how to design and build websites. A self-taught entrepreneur, she excelled at all aspects of her business. As time went on, she learned to delegate those tasks she didn’t enjoy and those tasks that kept her from performing key pieces of her business.

A few years ago, Jelas once again decided to switch gears and create her current business that helps wantapreneurs start a business and helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Her passion is helping others create their signature online program that will help them elevate their business to the next level by leveraging their time. Her new program, Boom Formula 2.0, is a step-by-step program that teaches others how to do this. This program helps people who have something to teach and who train others to build a better life for themselves. They will build a better business by turning their knowledge into an online leveraged program.

One topic that is especially important to Jelas revolves around her philosophy about how to design a business. According to Jelas, “Something that people do the wrong way is they build a business and then they adjust their lifestyle to suit their business. What they need to do first is get really clear on their most epic ultimate lifestyle. What’s the stuff that really floats your boat, gets you excited and makes you want to leap out of bed every day and feel alive? Once they figure that out, people need to design their business around their desired lifestyle, instead of designing a life around their business.”

Having developed personal strategies over the years for dealing with procrastination, Jelas excels at helping her clients deal with that. In addition, she works with them to overcome the fear of putting themselves out there when they finish their programs. Procrastination can often be the result of doing things that someone might not like to do. Jelas teaches her clients to delegate those things to others who enjoy doing them and are good at doing them.

For some clients, dealing with their fears may mean getting out of their comfort zones. Jelas describes this as breaking through their terror barrier. Those who successfully break through that barrier will see and experience absolute freedom and have the lifestyle they want.

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