Jiasheng Foundation lays out DeFi field, OETH ecology is strong in the future

Recently, the OETH project under the Jiasheng Foundation has developed rapidly around the world.

Recently, the OETH project under the Jiasheng Foundation has developed rapidly around the world. The strategic layout of the DeFi ecosystem with the first application of OASISI as the core is expected to break through the shackles of the traditional financial industry model, subvert the tradition, and actively seize the distributed financial outlets for the future value Internet The financial ecology of the times builds infrastructure and lays the foundation of the ecology.

"Automation and intelligence are the basic trends in the development of human society. With the continuous expansion of consensus, when mainstream cryptocurrency assets are welcomed by more and more people and become indispensable savings assets, DeFi, an on-chain financial model, must Will be widely favored.” The person in charge of the Jiasheng Foundation said that DeFi is superior to the traditional financial model in that it is based on a decentralized blockchain network, and all processes can be completed through smart contracts without relying on commercial banks, Centralized institutions such as Internet financial platforms. The ownership of assets is in the hands of individuals. If blockchain technology and decentralized thinking will eventually become the driving force to reshape the human society, then DeFi meets the needs of investors to use encrypted assets to make stable profits, and the outlet effect is obvious.

As the world's top blockchain research institution and investment institution that is always highly sensitive, the Jiasheng Foundation is committed to creating an innovative financial business ecosystem in the Internet of Value era. As early as 2016, it began to pay attention to the DeFi field and grasp the trend of the times.了Layout. It is reported that OETH is a side chain asset token based on the bottom of Ethereum issued by the Jiasheng Foundation. At the same time, the Jiasheng Foundation will launch the OASIS project, as the first distributed finance (DeFi) application project, OETH will participate in the construction of the project.

Under the leadership of the Jiasheng Foundation, the core goal of OETH is to promote the development and improvement of the distributed finance (DeFi) ecology. Based on the three major businesses of traditional financial fields, namely banking, securities and insurance, the modern financial troika will be introduced into the district. In the blockchain field, build on-chain finance, and then build an efficient distributed finance (DeFi) ecological infrastructure. The value of OETH to the Jiasheng Foundation and future Defi circulation scenarios is reflected in the following aspects: forming a new hybrid digital currency system; driving a new credit formation mechanism; forming a new scenario value chain; forming a new payment settlement method.

As we all know, DeFi removes some of the cumbersome links and the role of intermediaries in traditional finance through the application of blockchain technology, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the financial system and creating a highly transparent, efficient, and high-security financial system. The various characteristics of OETH are more suitable to undertake the mission of building a borderless, simple editing financial infrastructure for the world.

In order to help investors share the dividends of the new DeFi outlet and increase investment returns, the Jiasheng Foundation will also launch a number of DeFi project application landing plans. In the future, with the support of the Jiasheng Foundation, OETH will use the first OASIS project as an entry point to deploy a DeFi ecological bank lending system, decentralized exchange, and Staking asset management pledge mining through self-research or cooperation. The construction of ecosystems such as the system, STO-compliant securities tokenization system, insurance industry token issuance, and insurance smart contract system.

At the same time, expand more application scenarios, such as OETH+ clearing, settlement, OETH+ cross-border payment, supply chain finance, global trade financing, lending, equity pledge, credit investigation, asset digitization, etc. OETH will have a broader application space and value Extension, becoming a mainstream value digital currency comparable to Bitcoin and Ethereum, and as one of the basic tokens of the global DeFi ecosystem in the future, to undertake more missions.

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