Jenica Lake and Marylynn Burrows Create an Online Community for Those Seeking a Healthier Lifestyle

The high demand for health coaches has inspired two women to share their knowledge and practices in a free, accessible way.

CNN found one-third of American’s seek health outside the doctor’s office, with many of them seeking health coaches. Jenica Lake and Marylynn Burrows, co-creators of the community Heart Mind Soul Embodied have created an 8-week program focused on individuals becoming in tune with their body and spirit.

“We have spent years learning, creating, and teaching,” says Burrows, fitness and health coach. “Utilizing our strengths, we have created an online community, with programs designed for deeper individual growth. It is a place for those that consider themselves spiritual to find their grounding on earth, and those who feel grounded to touch their etheric side. We address all facets of life for a well-rounded, well-balanced life.”

Their program, Joyfully Embodied, helps others overcome personal suffering through holistic practices, allowing them to reach a better way of life.

“We are conscious people engaged in learning more about how to respect and honor our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies,” says Lake. “I have worked for several years in the realms of healing and spirituality, and use my work to encourage growth within our online community.”

Together, Lake and Burrows have found success within their local community, particularly with individual clients. Tiffany Hansen has changed and strengthened her lifestyle through Burrow’s teachings.

“Marylynn is amazing. She is incredibly knowledgeable in vast areas, both in physical and mental health. She is a good listener, encouraging, perceptive, and wants to see people succeed. By helping me set specific but challenging and attainable goals, I was successful. All the one-on-one attention made all the difference. My body mechanics and strength have improved tremendously. My energy has increased, and I have inner peace and am calm. I finally feel content in my body!”

Answering the call to be accessible to more people, they created their free online community to be available to the world. Heart Mind Soul Embodied contains information, videos, audio and interaction through email and community forums each week.

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