Jeff Hershberg Reminds People to Not Waive Their Legal Rights in Criminal Offences

Jeff Hershberg provides exceptional legal representative for people charged with criminal offences and wants to remind people to never waive their legal rights.

Jeff Hershberg wants to remind people facing criminal offence charges it is never in their best interests to waive their legal rights. Mr. Hershberg specializes exclusively in criminal law matters and related criminal court and trial proceeds. He has successfully helped many clients achieve Crown acquittals and withdrawals due to breaches of his clients’ rights.

According to Mr. Hershberg, “For most people facing criminal charges, this is the first time they have been arrested and charged. They do not think of the long-term consequences and potential outcomes of waving their legal rights and pleading guilty to or taking a plea agreement simply to have the matter resolved quickly.”

When someone waives their legal rights, they are essentially confessing to the crime. This is never in the accused’s best interests as there could be mitigating circumstances surrounding their particular case and offence. Rather, it is better to remember every person has specific legal rights the law affords them, including the right to counsel and the right to remain silent.

Upon arrest there are specific procedures law enforcement must follow. If at any time these procedures are not followed, it creates a breach in the accused’s legal rights. As a result, it is sometimes possible to get the charges dismissed simply because of a rights violation. In addition, after being officially charged for a criminal offence, it is never in the defendant’s best interest to speak to law enforcement or Crown attorneys without first consulting with their criminal defence lawyer in Toronto.

According to Mr. Hershberg, “Far too often people cannot see past the charges they are facing and assume their case is a lost cause.” This is not always the case, and this is where Mr. Hershberg can lend his expertise to help his clients. Oftentimes there are potential solutions to resolve the charges with the best outcomes possible, as long as the defendant seeks help from Jeff Hershberg.

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Jeff Hershberg prides himself on always being accessible by his clients and available through email or the telephone. Mr. Hershberg has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from York University, and Law Degree from the University of Windsor. Prior to creating Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham, and Angelini, one of the largest criminal defence law firms in Toronto, Mr. Hershberg articled after graduation and gained valuable experience at Pinkofskys Criminal and Trial Lawyers law firm. Mr. Hershberg has helped numerous clients, from all social and economic backgrounds, obtain the most appropriate outcomes possible.

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