Jason M. Ruedy Donates to Touchstone Youth Program to Help At-Risk Youth

Jason M. Ruedy, also known in as The Home Loan Arranger, recently made a significant monetary donation to Touchstone Youth Program – a non-profit sports-based youth development program located in Englewood, Colorado.

Jason M. Ruedy, a Denver mortgage broker, also known as The Home Loan Arranger, recently made a significant monetary donation to Touchstone Youth Program (TYP) – a sports-based youth development program based in TOS Boxing Gym in Englewood, CO. The youth program, which was co-founded by DaVarryl J. Williamson and Alysa Levine – both of whom are first-generation college graduates – is designed to help teens who are attending middle and high school in the Englewood School District. This non-profit program helps set at-risk youth on a positive path using a combination of athletic training and academic tutoring.
Mr. Rudy is a long-time Mixed Martial Arts fighter and a boxer who competed in the 2013 Ringside World Championships Boxing Tournament. He is also a member of TOS Boxing Gym – which was founded by DaVarryl Williamson. Because of his personal connection to Mr. Williamson as well as his commitment to supporting youth who participate in the Touchstone Youth Program, Mr. Ruedy decided to donate to this worthy organization. His monetary support will be used to purchase gloves, hand wraps, and other boxing equipment used by the program’s participants.
“The goal of the Touchstone Youth Program is to teach lifelong skills that help position kids for a successful future. I’ve met some of the kids in the program – and I know that TYP is going to help them grow into strong, responsible, disciplined adults. The program is excellent and deserves the support of the community,” says Jason Ruedy.
Participants in TYP are asked to sign a one-year agreement with TOS Boxing Gym. The agreement asks for a commitment to remain active in the program, to maintain regular attendance, and to respect everyone who is involved in the program. As well, participants cannot have any gang affiliation and must agree to abstain from any drug or tobacco use. There is no fee for participation - - each kid who commits to the program is essentially placed on a “boxing scholarship” that pays for their membership in the group, for their use of the boxing gym, and for opportunities to benefit from the support of the program’s mentors.
A typical day at TYP involves stretching, warm-ups, abdominal exercises, cardio and stamina training, boxing drills, stretching/cool-down, homework help, tutoring, and individual reading. On Fridays, the regimen also includes goal setting, creating a progress report, and reviewing goals for the upcoming week.
“Touchstone Youth Program helps teach at-risk kids discipline. It gives them something to do after school and during the summer months besides hanging out on the streets and getting into trouble. I’m proud to play an influential role in the lives of so many. I hope they use the skills they gain through this program to become truly successful in their adult lives,” says DaVarryl Williamson.

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