Jason M. Ruedy Declares Refinancing Can Slash Monthly Expenses

During a recent guest appearance on magazine-style local television show Colorado’s Best, Mr. Jason M. Ruedy proclaimed that refinancing can ‘slash monthly expenses’ and potentially save homeowners hundreds of dollars per month.

Jason M. Ruedy, a mortgage broker in Denver, Colorado, who is also known locally as The Home Loan Arranger, was a guest on the May 4, 2017 episode of television show Colorado’s Best. This magazine-style program regularly features local business owners who introduce viewers to their products and services.

Colorado’s Best airs on local television Channel 2 during the week from 9:00 am – 10:00 am Mountain Time. Mr. Ruedy has been a guest on the show several times in 2017 to explain to viewers the many benefits of refinancing a mortgage while interest rates are at historically low levels. He also reminds viewers that refinancing a mortgage with a high interest rate into one with a lower interest rate can help homeowners save a significant amount of money each month.

Colorado’s Best has two regular hosts – Ms. Joana Canals and Ms. Paula Haddock. When Mr. Ruedy is a guest on the show, the two spend time asking him questions about refinancing a mortgage and they reiterate to viewers the benefits of refinancing.

During the May 4, 2017 episode, Ms. Canals and Ms. Haddock asked Mr. Ruedy to list the reasons why now is an excellent time for homeowners to refinance their mortgage. In response, Mr. Ruedy stated that anyone who initiates the refinancing process now can expect to skip two mortgage payments – which means the first payment on the new mortgage will not be due until August 1, 2017.

“Rates are extremely low right now. If you are planning a family vacation this summer, now is the perfect time to refinance your mortgage – and skip two months of payments. Therefore, you can fund your vacation, pay off all your credit card debt, and benefit from lower mortgage payments for many years to come,” said Mr. Ruedy.

The fact that the Federal Reserve did not elect to increase interest rates on May 3, 2017 was also discussed by Ms. Canals, Ms. Haddock, and Mr. Ruedy. According to Mr. Ruedy, “The fact that the Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates on May 3 means that right now is an excellent time to take advantage of low interest rates, refinance into a low monthly payment, and SLASH monthly expenses.”

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