Jason Brailow Shows Support for Social Development

Brailow’s company makes a difference in society through a plethora of ways.

Jason Brailow is known as the leader of a top company that specializes in strategic IT resources and intellectual asset management. However, his business is more than that because since day 1 it focused on corporate engagement and responsibility. These 2 became core values of his team. Brailow believes that any successful organization can make a change in society through philanthropic efforts and investing in social development. Every company should do what they do best, so Brailow applies his business strategies to his charitable tactics by focusing on development, optimization, and expansion of business opportunities.

Brailow’s company makes a difference in society through a plethora of ways. They activate volunteer endeavors, provide financial support, and build partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the world, according to Jason Brailow. One example is his company’s donor-advised funds, which actively support various important socio-civic areas, which in return are very beneficial to society. The fund program concentrates especially on the creation of educational opportunities, such as after-school programs or scholarship grants. Another more hands-on project is the company's "From Office to Streets" initiative for which all of Brailow’s employees, regardless of their position, visit orphanages and take care of the children, clean the streets, give food to people and help wherever they can. The idea is to not only demonstrate corporate engagement, but also put an emphasis on the social responsibility that each individual has.

Internationally renowned, Brailow’s company is based on three main pillars: strategy, innovation, and dynamics. Due to Brailow's extensive experience as an IT developer and software architect, he has built a successful company that offers holistic business solutions in the fields of technology, research, and innovation. Setting themselves apart from competing companies, Brailow’s team is praised due to its comprehensive approach that utilizes a multitude of different concepts and strategies. As a result, the dedicated and competent service team members at Brailow’s firm are experts in providing flexible and resourceful solutions, products, and innovations that do not only live up to, but rather exceed clients' expectations.

Jason Brailow is a forward thinking serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has a pedigree of identifying unrealized potential, building operational value, and monetization. With a knack for building businesses, he has founded a handful of TECH start-ups over the last several years resulting in a series of accomplishments: Inc 500 - Product of the Year - Rising Star Award - Entrepreneur of the Year. Recognized as one of the foremost authorities in Online Advertising, Jason Brailow has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but garnered his savvy business sense while starting, acquiring, and selling several ventures. His forward thinking and technological mindset has enabled him to build companies that create products used by consumers daily, around the globe.

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