Jacob Frydman And the Brem Foundation Are Happy to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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The Brem Foundation is dedicated to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer as it is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among women.

Jacob Frydman, property specialist, commercial contractor, is looking forward to donate time, attention, and resources during breast cancer awareness month in support of the Brem Foundation. Frydman has been committed to this worthy cause and continuously assists in championing the Foundation’s diligence to empowering women in becoming proactive in this fight year round.

The Brem Foundation is dedicated to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer as it is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among women - second only to skin cancer. Misinformation and late detection are the two elements allowing this ailment to remain so deadly. One of the most popular misconceptions surrounding this illness is that only those with a family history are in danger of developing breast cancer and while the risk for women who have a first degree relative (mother, sister, or daughter) with it doubles, statistics show that 85% occurrences are in women with no family history at all. An estimated 246,660 new cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2016 alone, making it imperative that awareness be brought to this issue. The Brem Foundation, along with its partners and donors, are working to eradicate the lack of knowledge surrounding the matter by educating women on risk factors, screening options, and even providing diagnostics for those without health insurance. A staggering 95 percent of women survive when diagnosed early; while the survival rate plummets to 20 percent when the illness goes undetected until the latter stages. Their message is clear and simple—a breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence nor does it have to equate to a diminished quality of life. In fact, thousands of survivors are living testaments that breast cancer - when caught early - can be conquered.

Jacob Frydman is one of the many advocates supporting the Foundation’s important and life changing work. Through his donations, time, resources, and concerted efforts pushing their campaign forward, the Brem Foundation is able to provide community outreach programs and free screenings for underserved communities in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) metropolitan areas. The foundation’s mobile mammography program is one of the primary ways in depth diagnostic screenings are provided to neighborhoods where residents have little access to health care services. The idea is to provide a complete view of breast cancer and treatment, through initial screenings, exposure to valuable information concerning risk factors, yearly mammograms, self-examinations and a myriad of viable options if the diagnosis is not positive—in short they are extending hope and a life line where none existed. Frydman understands and underscores the vision of the Brem Foundation and through their partnership, and his generous donations of time and much needed funding; he is determined to help defeat this curable disease.

Throughout his 30 year career, Jacob Frydman has taken on causes such as breast cancer awareness that expose his, compassionate nature and commitment to philanthropic endeavors. As a well-respected and successful real estate tycoon, he has participated in over $2 billion worth of investment and commercial development transactions. He shares his experience and in-depth knowledge of value added investments and the art of configuring, financing and brokering complex real estate agreements on Fox News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV and by also serving as an expert panelist at industry seminars and lecturing at universities across the nation. He earned a degree in finance from Boston University and a Juris Doctor from Case Wesern Reserve University School of Law. To learn more about the Brem Foundation, visit: http://www.bremfoundation.org/

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