Jacob Busani Announces Release of New Book Directed Towards Entrepreneurs

Jacob Busani’s book offers young and experienced entrepreneurs alike valuable advice to help them thrive.

Jacob Busani is offering young and experienced entrepreneurs his sound advice in his new book The Entrepreneurial Way: A Lesson a Day for 30 Days Will Set You on the Entrepreneurial Way. The book focuses not only on giving sound advice and time-tested strategies for being successful but also on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The last of these topics is particularly exciting and is a welcome approach toward dealing with the pressures of being a business owner.

Busani’s career began at the young age of 17 when he embarked on an adventure that would include years of personal growth and business ventures. Jacob became a real estate agent at a young age, and after just shy of a year, he was able to start his own real estate company Jay Property Holdings. Now, as Jacob manages a successful business, he wishes to pass on some of those valuable lessons he learned along the way to individuals looking succeed.

The lessons, which are divided by day, deal with everything from self-pep talks to step-by-step guides for better work and life balance. Jacob emphasizes the importance of family and friends to a successful entrepreneur, the ability to leave certain things at the door to be clear-minded and ready for the next day. Both new and experienced entrepreneurs can learn from the tips of Jacob Busani, applying them each day and revisiting them whenever they wish.

Jacob Busani’s journey is still underway but clearly, with a new book he is reaching out to his community and ensuring that his messages get across. By helping fellow entrepreneurs, Jacob is setting a good example, leading the way toward better leadership in America. The book by Jacob Busani is now available for purchase on various platforms including Amazon.

About Jacob Busani: Jacob Busani is the CEO of Jay Property Holdings, a real estate investment company and certified coach. In his new book, Jacob Busani offers a thirty-day guide toward becoming a more efficient entrepreneur. His time-tested strategies come from years of experience on the field himself, his work ethic is impressive, and he wants to show you how to get there. Jacob believes in helping others so that they may be leaders of the future one day as well.

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