iVisa Website MyPassportPhoto Launches Local Directory Of Pick Up Points For Photos

iVisa has created MyPassportPhoto to help people get passport and Visa photos, and has created a local directory to help people understand where to collect photos, and what photos they might need.

Most Americans do not have a passport – current figures show passports being owned by around 43% of the population. This is changing every year, as an increasingly globalized world offers more opportunities at a lower cost than ever before. As a result, many Americans are requiring photographs for their passports, and visas to travel abroad. iVisa is a website that helps people apply for and receive Visas online to a wide range of countries. They launched MyPassportPhoto to help Americans get the photos they need for passports and visas, and have now launched a new local directory to help people find information on what travel permissions they need.

The new local directory covers every state and county, and offers a breakdown of the local pick up points where people can receive their passport photos if they don’t wish to pay for postage. What’s more, it explains to people the different countries they can travel to and what visa requirements they have, as this may affect the number and size of the photos they need.

Full visa information is provided for a huge range of countries, including European countries like the UK and Germany, Pacific countries like Japan and Australia, and a great deal more. These requirements break down all the visa requirements to ensure people can get their order right first time.

A spokesperson for MyPassportPhoto explained, “We are pleased to be able to make it easier than ever for people to get the passport and visa photos they need. iVisa has created this site to fulfil a need for the American people, and do it as conveniently and easily as possible. The result is a comprehensive database of requirements for visas around the world as well as a local database of collection points, so that individuals can get their passport and visa in the most trouble free manner possible.”

About MyPassportPhoto: MyPassportPhoto is an easy and convenient passport photo printing service that allows people to place orders online and collect in their local stores, or have them posted directly home. The website is owned and operated by iVisa, a website dedicated to making it easier than ever for people to get visas to visit a wide range of countries outside the United States.

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