iUnlockBlackberry.com Launches Service To Provide Unlocking Capabilities

Consumers can now save on roaming charges and keep phones when changing carriers with the new service from iUnlockBlackberry.com.

According to a Forbes magazine estimate, there are more than 50 million BlackBerry users across the globe. While many smartphone users have turned to the iPhone and Android brands, the Blackberry user typically remains fiercely devoted to their phones, enjoying features such as secure e-mail software and physical keyboards. With this in mind, Sam Blue, spokesperson for iUnlockBlackberry.com, announced an unlocking service his online firm will now be offering, giving BlackBerry users the option of switching cell phone carriers while keeping their same phone.

Says Blue, "BlackBerry users are a loyal bunch, but they shouldn't have to stay loyal to a service provider that isn't meeting all of their needs. That's the beauty of an unlock service. Every consumer has a different reason for wanting to unlock their phone, but for most, it simply comes down to a matter of fiances." Blue goes on to describe several reasons why someone might want to unlock their phone. "If you encounter a large monthly bill made up of roaming charges, it might be a good idea for you shop around for other companies to do business with. The charges you're paying are based upon the contract you have with the cell phone carrier or within their limits of service. If you unlock your phone, you can get rid of the roaming charges by simply changing out your SIM card to a lower cost network or local networks when on the road."

Blue also points out how much more valuable an unlocked phone is over a locked phone, saying, "Consumers can increase the value of their phones by over 250% when they unlock it. This is especially helpful should they decide they want to upgrade to a newer Blackberry, but want to sell their old one on Ebay or something. Some BlackBerry models are not available worldwide, and your “rare” Blackberry phone could command a premium price. When the phone is unlocked, it's more valuable because it's available for use by more customers from networks outside the original one."

Advising consumers, Blue points out their new service is far advanced over other company's offerings. "No other service can unlock blackberry phones in the UK, Canada or anywhere in the world as fast as iUnlock Blackberry. You may wonder how to unlock a Blackberry, but what is more important to know is that our entire unlocking process only takes about five minutes to complete."

About iUnlockBlackberry.com:
iUnlockBlackberry.com is an online company providing instant, remote BlackBerry unlocking service. The company unlocks any GSM BlackBerry to work with any GSM network of choice worldwide.

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