ITL Releases Stone Series Of Portable Power Packs To Give Power To People’s Mobile Devices

ITL has created three Stone Series power banks to charge mobile devices on the move without having to hunt down power sockets when batteries fail.

Smart phones have revolutionised how we think of a phone- once used only to make calls, smart phones now have more processing power than the average satellite used to bounce their signals through space. All the features of a smart phone -the camera, instant messaging, data storage, video and image capturing, music player, browser, email client and GPS to name but a few- inevitably take their toll on the device’s battery power, and this means increasingly that power users are left low on battery looking for charge points. ITL Retailer has answered this issue with their new Stone Series power packs, the latest of which is a 4400mAh power pack for the latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The ITL stone is a portable backup power bank designed to be compatible with almost all smart phones, iPads, MP3 players, MP4 players, and even digital cameras, allowing people to carry around a single portable charging solution for all their devices.

The power pack also has an impressive power storage and transfer capacity, and enables users to effectively recharge their smart phone as many as four times between charges. The 4400mAh is a mid-range device with a budget 2200mAh and a high-end 6600mAh available for users to scale their investment to meet their particular needs and requirements.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the ITL Stone is its compact size and stylish design, making any portable office a veritable Zen garden of calm, providing all the power anyone could need.

A spokesperson for explained, “The ITL Stone Series Portable Power Bank 4400mAh is a smart, sensible, and cost-effective means by which to carry around an insurance policy should a phone battery let users down on the move. The increasing demands on power mean that manufacturers are struggling to keep up with battery power requirements, and the Stone Series provides an easy, user-friendly answer to these problems.”

About ITL Stone:
ITL are a manufacturer of superior power bank and external battery solutions. Their new ITL Stone range is suitable for all digital mobile devices, including iPad, digital camera, PSP, MP3, MP4, table PC and smart phones including Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, LG, iPhone, Sony and more. Each unit comes with a dedicated USB power wire and premium packaging.

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