ITC Global Celebrates the Milestone of 50K Strong Community

ITC Global - Community of Passionate Gamers Celebrates the Milestone of 50K Members Across the World - ITC, The World's Favourite Gaming Coin

ITC ( International Tronz coin ) is TRC 20 token & established  in Oct 2020 as world's favourite online gaming & Fantsy sports token,  ITC token is backed by more than 1 lakh strong community . The CEO Mr. Albert Muir  informed that  ITC started its journey in Oct 2020 with a zero price & and given more than 10 million tokens as  free airdrop to Tronz international  community and after that ITC traded in justswap at less than a cent, due to heavy utility of ITC token in online gaming & fantasy sports  the price of ITC  ATH was $0.04  and got listed at Vindax, Coinsbit, Koinbazaar & coingeko  with a market cap of $4 million .

Presently ITC has a strategic  tie up with punk panda a Social media app & Dart blockchain. ITC has a global gaming  partners , EZUGI,  Evoplay,  Qtech , Dsportz , ,  in a span of just 1 year ITC's  global reach in online gaming industry & fantsy sports is a milestone as a result  ITS's all time high is $0.04  seeing the growth of online gaming ITC will trade in $1 in coming year.

The CEO of ITC global also revealed  his future expansion plans for ITC use case. In coming year  ITC is entering in to DEFI & NFT market . With ITC's future plans ITC global will have a very strong community of  1 million & also planning to migrate ITC from tron blockchain (TRC 20  ) to Dart blockchain , CEO also mentioned that this migration of ITC will save huge transaction fee for their community , he also highlighted that Dart blockchain's technology   is a global initiative  for lightning speed with more cost effective.

ITC has more than 15 gaming projects in pipeline to launch to get increase their online gaming market share. ITC Global has Reached a Milestone of 50K Users in the Community and ITC is set to be the Fastest Growing Community of GAMERS in the World.

The CEO also said that the online gaming & fantsy sports will be the real use case for blockchain  industry. In the case of the gaming industry, blockchain could become the norm for player experience , the transaction of digital items . Blockchain's  application in gaming is in many ways a no barrier because gamers are already accustomed to tokenization. The only advantage for gamers is blockchain establishes the norms & fairness. 

A second use concerns structure. So far, blockchain games have been simple in scope, falling into one of two main categories: decentralized or hybridized. In the first model, the game is run completely from a blockchain, meaning that the developer cannot alter the game in any way without the say-so of the community. In a hybridized model, the game itself still runs from a central server but its assets are traded via a decentralized marketplace. In either scenario, blockchain takes in-game assets and makes them as ownable as possible, creating legitimacy and permanent value.

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