IT-company of Rafal Szymanski GTM opens a new direction for staff management - GTM +

The IT market is one of the fastest growing modern industries and it is exactly where you can see an acute shortage of qualified specialists.

Global Tech Makers (GTM), a Ukrainian tech company specializing in the development of IT products in the B2B and B2C sectors, opens a new GTM+ division, which will focus on solving employment (HR-related) issues in the IT sector. Rafal Szymanski, the CEO of GlobalTechMakers, is one of the Company’s founders.

One of the main direction in GTM + will be professional outsourcing and outstaffing services - modern staff management techniques that allow developing businesses to solve individual production tasks or attract specialists to work on certain projects quickly and efficiently.

The IT market is one of the fastest growing modern industries and it is exactly where you can see an acute shortage of qualified specialists.

“The methods of outsourcing and outstaffing have been effectively used in the world practice for many years, – the founder of GTM, Rafal Szymanski, said. – Successful companies and promising startups prefer to outsource minor tasks to professionals to have an opportunity to focus on their main business.

Such models of interaction with staff are becoming more and more popular all over the world because they allow companies to significantly reduce items of expenditure associated with the work of regular staff and decrease tax burden.

The mutual relations of the parties under the outsourcing and outstaffing contracts are regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine, and they are a legal opportunity for residents and non-residents of the country to optimize human resources in business”.

GTM + will offer modern companies qualified assistance of an outsourcer in solving business-related problems such as accounting, IT development and support, legal support, staff issues, sales, logistics, advertising, and other services.

This will allow enterprises to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining staff by assigning released resources for core activities. Using the technology of outstaffing, GTM + will help the developing and already established business to attract temporary freelance specialists to perform their professional duties under the direction of the customer.

The company will undertake legal issues with employees by hiring them and providing all the social benefits and guarantees ensured by the law. Outstaffing methods have proved their effectiveness in situations such as: Development and implementation of specific projects and Limiting the staff of the company with the existing shortage of specialists and Replacement of temporarily absent staff members of the enterprise.

“Delegating tasks and attracting skilled personnel in the IT sector are in the greatest demand among modern companies now, – Rafal Szymanski says. – Small enterprises rarely has professional programmers in their staff; so, to perform complex work related to IT development and support, entrepreneurs prefer to seek help from outsourcing agencies or hire temporary specialists using outstaffers’ help.

Our company has extensive practical experience with high-tech products. By opening a new direction of GTM+ we strive to provide businesses with wide opportunities for their development, taking upon ourselves the comprehensive solution of employment issues”.

Outsourcing and outstaffing technologies are current trends in the HR market. Ukrainian employers are increasingly using these tools to optimize their business processes. Despite the fact that the current legislation of Ukraine still lacks a clear definition of outstaffing, the general concepts are governed by the norms of the Civil and Tax Codes of Ukraine allowing any organization to legally engage non-payroll employees or transfer some tasks to third party companies or persons.

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