IT and Digital Recruitment Agency Focuses On Removing Gender Bias from Workplace

Launch Recruitment now has a strong focus on IT and Digital Recruitment and works to support and encourage gender equity. Further information can be found at

Launch Recruitment now has a strong focus on IT and Digital Recruitment. As a female run and owned business, we also encourage gender equity and a removal of gender bias in the workplace. Our aim has always been to help both employers and candidates by encouraging and supporting equality in the hiring process. Defying convention, Launch decided to specialise in IT and digital recruitment with a particular emphasis on supporting female job seekers in the IT industry.

Amanda, Marketing Manager at Launch Recruitment, says: "We know that IT and Digital is a fast-moving industry. Traditionally, it has been very male dominated, and this remains the case. However, there is, slowly, a move towards gender equity and Launch want to be at the forefront of encouraging and supporting employers while they move towards gender parity. Anyone familiar with recruitment will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to stay with the status quo. This means companies don't get the best staff possible. We like to support and encourage gender equity in the workplace as we believe this benefits both the business and staff. By taking advantage of the entire pool of employees, both staff and employer get the best results possible."

Being a female run and owned IT and Digital Recruitment company, Launch understands the difficulties that many women have in getting the best job for their abilities, skills and experience. Launch is staffed by many highly skilled, award winning female consultants so many of us have had the experience of discrimination in the workplace due to gender bias (read more about taking the gender bias out of hiring here).

Launch Recruitment chose to make this move because we are an ethical company with a belief in providing the best staff for our clients. Our company is a candidate focused firm and that, in turn, means that employers get the best job seekers possible.

Amanda also said "We want to give our candidates options. With IT and Digital employment, they have fresh new possibilities. We want them to feel like they can do and achieve anything at all. We want women to feel as though IT employment is available to them and will value their contribution and experience. Trying something new is always a risk, but it's a risk we believe is worth taking."

Launch Recruitment has been in business for over 13 years, being established in 2006. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to Caring, Authenticity, Excellence, Accountability and Launcher. Not only are these principles important to us internally, we only work with clients and candidates that share our commitment to these values.

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