iStock Accessories Launch NEONTuff Screen Protectors On The Amazon Marketplace

iStock Accessories has used nanotechnology to create industry leading screen protectors that are now available to the general public through the Amazon marketplace.

Since the release of the iPhone 5, the market for iPhone accessories has redoubled thanks to its new features and size. Such an expensive and varied device is extremely valuable to its users, so it is understandable that accessories that will keep the phone protected are in high demand. iStock Accessories has created a new iPhone 5 Screen Protector compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the new iPhone 5c that uses nano technology to create a robust and durable screen protector that is as lightweight and almost unbreakable as a smudge screen film.

Using nano technology, NEONTuff Screen Protectors are made of a super thin transparent ceramic, created using 6 layers of shatterproof film that amounts to only 0.3 mm in thickness. The result is a durable, affordable screen protector that can protect an iPhone screen against the most intense wear and tear.

NEONTuff screens are scratch resistant, stress resistant, drop resistant and have a unique and powerful dissipative function that spreads impact stresses evenly across the surface area in order to prevent localised damage. It makes a device virtually indestructible and provides the ultimate protection for vulnerable phone screens.

The Amazon page for the product is replete with high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions and clear pricing, and has received five star product reviews from numerous delighted customers.

A spokesperson for iStock Accessories explained, “We have brought out product to the market because most screen protectors either provide just basic scratch and smudge protection or much bulkier protection from impacts and cracking- our screen protector can achieve both without sacrificing usability and aesthetics. It is the ultimate solution for those who lead a rough and tumble lifestyle and use their phones all the time, inevitably exposing these expensive devices to risk of damage and breakage. Its affordable price, glass like surface with HD clarity and oil resistant surface make it the perfect solution for usable screen protection.”

About iStock Accessories:
iStock Accessories is an online cell phone accessories retailer dedicated to bringing the best new products available to its customers. They specialize in iPhone & iPad screen protectors and will soon be adding more exciting products to their range. They sell their products exclusively through the Amazon marketplace for the very best customer service options.

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