Isomass Ltd Launches Promotion Of Residential Sound Proofing Products

Isomass Ltd provider of quality products to architects, designers and amateurs launches promotion of residential sound proofing products.

Studies indicate sounds measured at approximately 70 decibels are mildly annoying to the average individual. Electric shavers, alarm clocks and bustling households generally emit 80 decibels. Close range traffic, vehicle horns and lawn mowers give off at least 90 decibels; 90 decibels or more has been deemed the level at which hearing damage begins to occur. In order to help decrease the frustration, and even permanent damage, caused by these commonplace noises, Isomass Ltd has launched efforts to promote their extensive line of residential sound proofing products.

Kian Robertson of Isomass Ltd stated, "Noise is unavoidable. Even the most routine daily activities produce some level of sound, regardless of how silent we try to be. We get out of bed in the middle of the night and our very footsteps echo throughout our home. Children run down the upstairs hallway, and it seems as if the ceiling is on the verge of caving in. Neighbors sit outside conversing or playing music and the cacophony penetrates our walls. Traffic passing on a nearby street roars as if it is in the room with us. These intrusions range from frustrating to deafening and can have numerous negative effects on our health. They have been proven to lead to loss of sleep, increased stress, high blood pressure, migraines and even depression in more severe cases."

"More than 25 percent of average households report being disrupted by both interior and exterior noise levels," said Robertson, "In answer to these issues, we have developed a revolutionary line of sound proofing products. In the past, impractical and inefficient materials were used in an attempt to dampen these sounds. In our products, we utilize a series of specialized foam materials composed of reconstituted fibers. Our products meet all building regulation requirements. They are completely safe to handle and they effectively eliminate incoming sounds as well as reducing the echo of interior noise."

Robertson continued, "We produce sound proofing products for use in ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets and crawl spaces. Our customers may use our sound proofing solutions in the construction of new buildings, renovation projects and restorations. Our products have been implemented in projects throughout the UK, including universities, hotels, private residences, housing developments, medical facilities and many more. We realize portions of our product line may be too complicated for the amateur craftsman; therefore, we have provided a streamlined selection of products that are simple to install. Customers may visit the Isomass website,, for a complete list of installation constructions."

About Isomass Ltd:
Isomass Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of acoustic sound proofing products. Founded in 2005, they provide acoustic products and systems to commercial and amateur installers alike. They continue to broaden their range of products and improve upon existing products. Their goal is to supply the public with the most effective and highest quality products available.

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