Is God Real Site Owners Celebrate Founder's 50th Birthday with 3 Month Trip

Founders of website plan to celebrate 50th birthday of Yvette by spending three months on motorcycles, touring the Australian outback and sharing God's world with all they meet

Founders of are spending three months on motorcycles, touring and camping in the Australian outback, sharing about God with all they meet.

Sharing the hope and love of Jesus is a top priority for Australian couple, Dr. Nick, an emergency doctor is married to Yvette Wynne, a Chaplain. The couple have now made the commitment to ride and camp with their twin Ducati 1200cc motorcycles through the outback of Australia for a period of three months

The goal of the trip is for the couple to meet and talk with new people and help others answer the question “does god exist?”

“I have been riding motorcycles since 2014 and found it to be an amazing, freeing experience,” stated Yvette Wynne. “Since learning to ride my motorcycle and surviving breast cancer I have seen how short time is on earth and want to use the rest of my time to share Jesus with others and make my time here count.”

The trip is planned to celebrate Yvette’s 50th birthday. While the entire trip will be documented on the website and blog run by the Wynne’s, they will also be highlighting other things related to the trip. For example, there is a section on the blog dedicated to showing and explaining all of the gear they will be carrying around on the motorcycle for camping.

“I have been married for nearly three decades and have four adult children,” continued Mrs Wynne. “We also have a book that is selling in bookstores throughout Australia, titled “Heaven Can’t Wait.” Now, I am ready to do something more to help people learn who is God and Is He real?”

Anyone interested in learning more about The Wynne’s and their upcoming trip can visit the website. Here they will be updating their progress and trip and even the people they meet along the way.


Yvette and Nick Wynne are dedicated to embarking on a journey through the untamed Australian outback to spread the word of God and help others ask some of the most pressing questions they may have, such as “is God real?” They understand the challenges of the unique circumstances of this trip. They are fully prepared by purchasing all the proper gear, which can also be seen and learned about on the blog that is regularly updated by the husband and wife team. After having overcome breast cancer, both Yvette and Nick understand life is short and want to do everything they can to impact others from around the world.

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