IronEdge Reports on Managed IT Services in 2019 and Their Importance

IT managed services are of great benefit in preventing a disaster from occurring and recovering from one in the event the worst does happen, announces

Organizations worldwide are expected to spend $1,031 billion each year on managed IT services in 2019, according to Statista. In America alone, $173 billion was devoted to these services in 2018. The services cover everything involved with the creation, management, and delivery of information and are of help with other business functions.

Companies might turn to these services for consulting help, when new software needs to be developed, or when a new device needs to be incorporated into an existing system. Furthermore, the services are of great assistance when hardware needs to be deployed, a problem arises the company cannot solve, or when employees need to be trained on new products. Businesses likewise often rely on managed services for help with hosting.

In fact, 11 percent of managed services budgets are reserved for hosting purposes. However, this is only one task a managed services provider might take on. Cloud-based services continue to increase in popularity. Businesses invested $6.86 billion on these services in 2018 and this figure will likely grow in the coming years.

Managed IT services, such as those offered by IronEdge, now benefit countless organizations. Actually, 54 percent of organizations stated they outsourced IT and consulting advice in 2017. Many companies turn to these providers for disaster recovery assistance. In 2018, most used disk and then cloud backup recovery services.

Thirty-two percent currently have a cloud-based data recovery system. However, 25 percent never tested this system in 2018. This could be catastrophic in the event something goes wrong. If the system is not operational, the data will be lost just as if no recovery system were in place.

More than 90 percent of businesses without a disaster recovery plan in place go out of business within a year of a major data disaster. This statistic alone shows the importance of preparing for the future and what could happen. In contrast, 96 percent of businesses with a plan in place survived a ransomware attack.

Sadly, no business is immune when it comes to data disasters. In fact, more than half of all companies experienced a downtime event in the last five years that lasted for more than one day. During this timeframe, consumers likely went elsewhere to find the products or services they needed.

IT malfunctions come in many forms. Hardware/system failure remains a leading cause of data loss. Nevertheless, companies also need to protect against ransomware, human error, viruses, and more. A managed IT services provider can be of help with this.

Denial of service attacks may cost a business $50,000 or more. If the company falls victim to ransomware, the cost goes up. Expect to pay more than $100,000 thanks to recovery costs and downtime.

One of the most pressing concerns is human error. Experts believe these errors account for more than 50 percent of security and data breaches. Fortunately, IT managed services can be of assistance here as well.

The first step involves identifying any current deficiencies. Doing so ensures those areas that are most vulnerable are addressed first to prevent a disaster. Once this has been done, the entire system can be evaluated to determine where changes need to be made and what is currently working.

Don't hesitate to contact an IT managed services provider. Doing so can only be of benefit to an organization. Although no deficiencies may be found, the business owner will have peace of mind knowing he or she has done everything possible to prevent a disaster from occurring or to recover quickly in the event the worst does happen.

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