IRA Gold Advisor Announces Bitcoin IRA News and Info Section Added to Site

Wealth and financial industry news and information provider,, announces the addition of a new section added to site offerings for Bitcoin IRA news and information

Forbes first reported toward the end of 2017 that bitcoin could be invested in IRAs. Since then, the popularity of this practice has multiplied, leading to Bitcoin IRA options becoming more accessible and available than ever before. Some are still hesitant to invest this way due to the “uncertainty” and fluctuations present in the cryptocurrency market.

To help investors better understand Bitcoin IRA options, benefits and more, IRA Gold Advisor is announcing the addition to a new section to their website that focuses specifically on this type of niche investment. According to news reports, it is now possible to purchase bitcoin using tax-deferred retirement assets, making it easier to get started investing in bitcoin.

“For years, investing in gold has been the “safest bet,” according to many experts in the industry,” stated IRA Gold Advisor representative BW Turner. “Now that Bitcoin IRA options are available, many people want to know about this, how it works and whether or not it is a worthwhile investment. That was our motivation for creating this new section of our website.”

According to some industry leaders, a good amount to start with when investing in virtual currencies is five to 20 percent of a person’s total investment amount. Regardless of the amount invested, new players are entering this sector all the time, such as CoinIRA and Noble Bitcoin. Unfortunately, due to the “newness” of this investment opportunity, some providers still have extremely high fees, ranging from 10 percent up to 25 percent.

“At IRA Gold Advisor, our goal is to ensure investors and those new to investing have the information necessary to make educated investments that will benefit them now and, in the future,” continued Turner. “In addition to Bitcoin IRA articles and resources, we also have a wide selection of other articles of interest available on the site.”

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